Monday, January 10, 2011

Ready for the Job

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  1. I don’t mind if it’s real or not, Cherise looks skanktastic to me either way.

  2. @ #49…the bonus: you can’t get preggers if you’re already pregnant.

  3. @52. Actually, it is possible for another egg to drop and be fertilized while already pregnant, so unfortunately, she doesn’t even have THAT safety net.

  4. @MrsNamorMcKenzie: Er, I’m an Ob/Gyn, and you are incorrect. You can *sometimes* release two or more eggs within about 48 hours, but once you are pregnant, your body no longer produces the hormones required to mature an egg and release it.

  5. hiyoooo

  6. has anyone seen the episode of Maury where some guy claimed that their “doctor” said that the chic conceived their twins with 2 different guys? like the doc was all precise on the date of conception(isn’t it nearly impossible to be precise on WHAT day exactly you conceived?!) and said she slept with 2 guys within 24 hours, and conceived that way(even though Maury then was like, “Mario, you ARE the father!!” to the twins)- what a quack lol! most doctors have trouble estimating the exact period of conception half the time but i love how stupid one can be as to say some shit like that- sad story.

    and @34, i have done gymnastics way back in the day, but i don’t do any yoga, or anything
    @35, and thank you for the kudos, greatly appreciated- i love kudos lol!!

    *but the fact that all your joints are shifting, and have become softer, it’s easier to be more flexible- not from just MY experience, but from other impregnated girls i’ve known of 🙂

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