Monday, January 10, 2011


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  1. Damn! Let me not be first…

  2. staged

  3. Rejected even after they shared that romantic, heart warming song together.

  4. @pure I thought so too, but then again people really are this lame sometimes.

  5. Dont sweat it Chris. God loves a trier.

  6. Chris’s cunt fisted attempt at seduction has fallen well short of the mark…

    Next time Chris, try to remember that women are much more likely to respond in a positive sexual manner to a cricket bat wrapped about the back of the head and an aggressive post-assault finger fuck, then the spunkless spouting of some vague song lyrics.

  7. Feel the burrrrn of rejection. She smoked him.

  8. Careful mofo, with that kind of sexy talk you’ll be surrounded by women. Have you enough to go around?

  9. i love me some mofo!

  10. @curlybap – Yeah don’t worry, I got plenty… I keep an emergency swill load in a rusty old bucket, close to hand ready for just such an occasion.

    @ujagoff – Strip naked, put on a shower cap and stand over there. It’s a complete nightmare if any of it gets in your hair, trust me.

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