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  1. @muepsilongamma

    really? cause I can think of about a dozen things off the top of my head that were commanded in the bible that are no longer/seldomly practiced

  2. LOL at “say!” No, I never got knocked up. I left a tiny town out in the middle of nowhere for the big city where I received 2 degrees and am currently working on my 3rd. I went to high school with a few self-riteous, judgmental pricks like Michael who feel the need to blast other’s mistakes all over facebook for their friends and family to read. A simple explanation of his “invite” would have worked. He didn’t have to berate her like that. It wasn’t funny. It was humiliating to both of them. Maybe if he actually got laid, he wouldn’t be an uptight asshole.

  3. @waitwhatisthat

    Name them and I will explain them to you.


    I was fine with everything you said until you said “maybe if he actually got laid, he wouldn’t be an uptight asshole.” I take personal offense to that statement, as a virgin myself. Just because some people choose not to be sexually active doesn’t mean that they are automatically uptight assholes, and just because people are uptight assholes doesn’t mean they “can’t get laid.” Are you saying that priests, who remain celibate for their entire lives, are uptight assholes? What about bishops? Nuns? The pope?

    You people bash christians for preaching that fornication is a sin, but you turn around and tell us that it’s practically a sin to not be fornicating, belittling us for not going along with the changing times, telling us that our beliefs are “ancient” and “outdated.” It’s hypocritical and immature.

  4. Whoa, mu mu. Take a chill pill. It was a joke. What’s with all this “you people” jazz? I didn’t say anything about Christians. I think maybe you need get laid too!!

  5. Muepsilongamma=danfargis

  6. We’ve been over this, I only WISH I was Dan_Fargis. And okay, if you were only joking then I’ll let it go. I’m sorry, I should have specified that my rant wasn’t directed at you, it was at all the people who bash christianity like we’re nazis or something. And no, I don’t need to get laid. I don’t want to get laid.

  7. I think you mean you can’t get laid. And yes. Virgins are uptight. As are popes (many who had illegitimate children on the side), priests and nuns. They ARE all uptight.

  8. Hahahahaha! Care to back up your claims with some evidence? You are a troll, slippyslappy, and try as you might, your petty insults will not get a rise out of me. Grow up, little child!

  9. I expected there to be more people against Michael here. He goes from, “if someone cant control themselves BEFORE marriage how can you expect them to be able to control themselves IN marriage”, soon followed by, “im in college i dont give a shit and i dont have to be a mature adult till AFTER i graduate … college is supposed to be fun where you have new experiences.”

    He’s sort of saying that he doesn’t have to control himself (by being mature) until later on, right? What a freakin’ hypocrite.

  10. @whatusername He was only talking about fornication, not his maturity level. You’re comparing apples with oranges.

  11. fffff…. the whole idea is that michael shouldnt judge her for that!! things happen, she might have changed, and i’m not saying that she did anything wrong, but who gave him the authority to judge her and talk to her that way??? is that “christianity”??? havnt u learned anything from the bible??? christianity=love it’s as clear as that and yet i can only feel hate and fear with michael’s comment and he says he’s a good christian…

  12. Maybe that’s true, but she judged him first with her “very christian-like” comment. She tried to tell him that something he was doing was not in the spirit of christianity, and in turn, he told her of the things she was doing that were not in the spirit of christianity. He was only fighting back. Clearly, given her past, she had no right to call him out on this group invite, no matter how unchristian it was.

  13. He’s a weirdo. Satan take her down!

  14. Instigated or not she didnt bring it at the level he did, as for trying new things, she was at it well before his virgin prick had ever been tampered. Turn the other cheek is a good christian expression, with his distorted views he probably bends over and takes it between both of them.

  15. So because he’s conservative, he’s gay? I’m conservative too, and I believe that all fornicators will burn in hell if they don’t repent for their sins. So am I gay now?

  16. @65 Yes, I think that that is the official definition.

  17. @65 You certainly shouldn’t vote or have access to any important decisions…

  18. I feel ashamed to be named Megan.

  19. ish, who would want to get into an argument that involved the bible? that sounds impressively pointless, and not to mention, boring!

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