Thursday, November 11, 2010

Folkin’ Up

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  1. Bazinga.

  2. Janice sounds cool. Michael’s mother sounds like a douchey bitch. Why would she WANT her son failing a drug test?

  3. LOL Michael’s mom is probably fed up with her pot smoking loser son sittin in her basement eating up all the Cheetos and cereal.
    Janice sounds cool as hell!!

  4. This might be premature but it seems as if lamebook has stepped up it’s game the past few days. There have been fewer posts but they have been prett god quality.

  5. Robert Redford back in the day, oh yes. Now… not so much. He’s a fossil.

  6. @ blah mcblah – God quality posts, huh? I don’t know that I’d go that far.

    What kind of name is Crissy?

  7. I’ve failed many drug tests in my day. I prefer to view them as successes, though.

  8. LMAO @ Tigr. Agreed! 😛

    About Crissy… on the one hand, I’m glad this wasn’t a post of the pic itself. But on the other hand, pre-planning talk of taking the pic? Meh… why??? You’ve got it in your memory and your description was a good enough one, we don’t need proof on photo-paper. I found my daughter naked in her bed plenty of times when she still was in diapers (not so much now thankfully…glad she’s past it) and yeah it was kinda cute but who needs pics of it?

    What’s wrong with the name Crissy though? It comes from Christine/a… I had a couple friends growing up called Chrissy/Krissy/whatever.

    Janice is funny but… Robert Redford… EW. And I generally LIKE older guys but just… NO. Not EVEN back in the day. But still… “MOTHER!!” <– Hahaha!

  9. Nothing wrong with “Crissy” … but she called her kid Ace?

    You have to love mums like Janice haha.

  10. Child porn charges, LOL.

  11. I want Janice’s phone number.

  12. @mad2physicist She wants him to fail because maybe one day her son would stop being a loser who needs to worry about passing piss tests. How about instead of calling her a bitch you realize what the fucking context is. How about asking why her son (who obviously doesn’t make good choices for himself) needs to be passing piss tests? Under the circumstances the guy is lucky. If he were my kid he wouldn’t be living in my house.

  13. Dalekskaro makes a decent point, even though he sounded like a total douche in the process. The mom is obviously home drug testing her son because he’s being a troublemaker and she wants him to quit drugs. While I actually condone pot usage, there are legitimate reasons for this, like wanting him to get a job or something. He’s probably sitting around the house all day doing nothing and being a lazy piece of crap and she wants him to get a freaking job. As for kicking your kid out for smoking pot dalekskaro, that’s exactly the kind of poor parenting decision that will ultimately lead to much more drug usage and in some cases disease death or prostitution. Good call.

  14. Daleks is apparently twice the bitch of the bitch in the post.
    How about realizing that pot smoking does not equate to being a loser? How about realizing that smoking pot is a good choice, not a bad one? And christisgay is right, if you kick him out he’s going to become a heroin-abusing gigolo.
    My point is, just because he’s using pot doesn’t mean he’s not self-supporting. Hell he might not even live at home.

  15. Not getting into the pot shit debate. Crissy, you just saved yourself, you lucky girl, you. I mean, you WOULD be able to post his bird all over FB, but you know how people overreact these days. I mean…we ARE talking about the Canary he has a s a pet that likes to use twigs for a sleeping nest and eats berries, right?

    Just looked up Robert Redford…he’s ok looking for a 73 year old.
    I’ve seen uglier and more wrinkled elderly.

  16. To back up Mad2physicist, he may be actually supporting his mother, if they do live under the same roof, and she may just be an ungrateful, meddling bitch.

  17. @6, the only girl i’ve ever known named crissy was extremely smug. like, give george clooney and drivers of Hybrids a run for their money smug.

    and she talked with her eyes closed? and ended sentences with an upward inflection as if she was always asking a question? and felt like she made everything better JUST BY BEING THERE! omg, you guys?

    so, that’s what kinda name crissy is.

    if michael has to take a urine test on his mom’s say so, i’d say he’s a teenager, and for the most part, teens experiment with pot. he might grow out of it, or he might continue to smoke and still get a decent job, so i think calling him a loser is a little presumptuous. but i get that mom doesn’t want that in her house.

    TLDR; i see both sides.

  18. The thing is, if she already KNOWS he smoked, and from her statement ‘you smoked Friday’ it seems she does, then clearly the piss test isn’t for his mom. Therefore it is for a job or probation. So basically she either wants her son to not get a job or she wants him to go to jail. Which makes her a bitch.

  19. @curly – Ace could be just a nickname… I hope. Either as part of his real name (whatever that could be I can’t imagine) or just something random like “Ace” as in “#1″/firstborn or something. Again…I hope. lol

  20. @Daleks, I totally agree with you….wouldn’t want your kid to become a spoiled know it all like mad2, who is obviously not a parent. Why do potheads think that smoking makes them smarter??

  21. “How about realizing that smoking pot is a good choice”?! Um, what?! Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad choice or anything, but there’s no way it’s a good choice either.

  22. Whey! Another pot-smoking ‘debate’, I would contribute but can’t be arsed/am eating my own arm/staring at the ceiling.


  23. Oh Groovy baby …. yeah baby yeah.

  24. Pot? Pffft! Everyone knows pills are all the rage, these days.

  25. Crissy is my sister in law. Not really seeing the confusion about her name.. it’s short for Christina.

    And yes, Ace is his real FIRST name. Everyone in our family and her family think it’s an adorable name. And no, he is not her first child. He is her 6th.

  26. I like the name Ace it reminds me of poker. Poker reminds me of poke her. poke her reminds me of poking my aunties rib eye tunnel with an authentic ostrich feather duster. good times.

    Seriously though, any who are thinking of riding the Robert Redford love pole, better be prepared for it snapping off in their boxes. He’s practically dead.

  27. Iced, I don’t smoke pot. I did 4 times when I was 15, and haven’t since. My intelligence is not claimed to be the result of pot; rather it is the cause of my theoretical approval of pot use.
    It should also be noted that the bitch in the post implies she is going to alert his workplace or probation officer to have him piss tested and have someone (perhaps someone gay and into golden showers) watch him, since otherwise, how would they know to have someone stand over him?
    SIX KIDS? Has Crissy heard of a little problem called overpopulation? Shit.

  28. Ace would make sense if it was a first-born, a sixth child (and hopefully last) should be Sex, Sexo, Sexy or something. Why the hell does she want to put it’s pic on facebook? Is it because it’s naked? Humans get naked sometimes, Chrissy should know.

  29. Agreed with mad2 on both points. The woman is nuts for clearly wanting to get her son in trouble just for smoking pot. If he was hooked on crystal meth, there would some proper intervention, but since marijuana will be decriminalized in multiple states over the next several years, she’s just a nutbag.

    Also, i’m the third child of five. The worst part is that dirty God-loving weirdos are always the ones having 5-6 kids and causing more people to be Christian. Makes me want to vomit.

  30. @jesuschristisgay, absolutely agree about Christian over-production. A Mormon acquaintance of mine just had sixth and has no plans to stop. He is only 35 for fuck’s sake!

    @trinitysmama, there was no confusion about Crissy’s name, were were merely defining who she is based on that small piece of information. For my money she is fat and loud as hell. That is the only Crissy in my life. I am projecting.

  31. Oh no, more Christians!! With their praying & good deeds!! Horrible people!

  32. @iced. I know you’re joking, but I agree 100%.

    “With their indoctrination and patronization” would have been a better fit though.

  33. More Christian-bashing? Can’t we argue about something funnier?

  34. Like vaginal hygiene, perhaps? That was a fucking riot.

  35. Christian vaginal hygiene, maybe?

    I’m all for Christians breeding if it keeps the minorities in the minority.

    I would help my mother fuck Robert Redford, even if she did walk away with a piece of him.

  36. OK FINE. Christians have dirty vaginas.

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