Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deadly Updates

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  1. Hamster babies… Delicacy? I see a chinese street vendor getting ideas as we speak!

  2. Wow. Hair more important than sister? Really?

    Well, shit.

  3. Surely Tara made a typo in there somewhere, no? Please? Surely she misspelled another word as “die”.

  4. I feel like Tara may have been joking………..right????

  5. Tara… wow, just wow -.-

  6. OMG! I can’t stop laughing about the BBQ comment. It is so wrong, yet so effing funny!

  7. Clearly, she meant “dye”

  8. Take down that first one, please. It’s not lame or funny, it’s sad.

    OK, cue griefing for me in this comments section, but IMHO how is that humorous?

  9. Its the fucking Beatles

    First one is sad. And there’s nothing like breaking bad news bluntly. As for Tara? Bitch.

  10. giles – it’s funny because he’s dead. and what exactly is sad about old people dying? he’s gone to a better place, giles. try letting jesus into your cynical heart before you go and suck the last remnants of fun out of death.

  11. Its the fucking Beatles

    How exactly does “letting Jesus into your cynical heart” make dying anymore fun than it really is?

  12. Christians still mourn their dead. No one thinks death is fun, except vincent troll.

  13. I don’t really mourn the dead… I accept it, and praise fucking Jesus that they aren’t suffering anymore. Death is a part of life, so why not just deal with it….. also the first three letters of “funeral” spell F-U-N, fun!!!

  14. The last post: I have to admit I find the name, Mhairi, somewhat amusing in this scenario.

    I like you, vincent, but you already know that. You make me laugh. Rock on, buddy.

  15. Honestly I don’t see the problem with the first one. Death is a part of life. Considering her caption to her photo, I think we can all assume he wasn’t gonna make it anyway.

  16. I like you, too, vincent, and you can have my titties.

  17. The first one’s not so bad IMO but one, why is she smiling??? That paired with the plain “dead.” comment is just a tad creepy. But, everyone grieves differently so I’m not judging.

    Agreed w/vincent, (LOL@)udontknowme, and slippy. The Jesus part isn’t my thing personally but I agree that we should be happy for those who are no longer suffering. Most times (not all), our sadness at someone’s death is really our own selfishness that WE will no longer enjoy their company.

    And dunno anything about hamsters or why she aborted but it’s funny they mention BBQ… a lot of rodents will eat their own young whether they are healthy or not. They just do for some reason. Odd that she didn’t already eat them herself. lol

  18. Meh to the Tara one … she could have been saying “so sad that my sis decided to die today” and then used a really terrible and backwards segue from the original status. Teenagers can barely spell today, I don’t expect that their grammar would be any better.

  19. Technically, I never troll. My actual opinions, however, may be taken for trolling.
    I’m glad word has finally found someone who amuses her.

  20. I died Oct 26th 2010… came back to life around Nov. 6th.

    Ironically, it coincides with wordpervert’s absence.

    Quite a phenomenon, the Dr. was mystified but the Undertaker was kinda pissed.

  21. That’s really, really said about the hamster babies. 🙁

    Aren’t you supposed to cover the cage while they are giving birth? Or they will eat the babies? I think I learned that in 7th grade.

  22. I hate people that say we should be happy when people die. Obviously you’re glad they aren’t suffering but some of us actually miss them and grieve that they’re gone. You fucking morons.

  23. BBQ Nom Nom Nom. Love it. So acutely inappropriate and wonderful.

    Also, maybe Tara meant to say “so sad my sis decided to go dike today so i cant see it”. Because I understand that when you become a lesbian, you have to waste a bunch of peoples’ time with a boring out of the closet speech.

  24. I just figured out what she was actually trying to say.

    Mhairi is her sister who just dyed her hair and she spelled dye wrong and they are not in the same area so she can’t see it today.

    she should have wrote “I’m so bummed that you decided to dye your hair today while I’m out of town. Now I can’t see it and that’s truly unfortunate. Can’t wait to view your awesome hair upon my return. Also my sister died.”

  25. @26:

    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. Thanks.

  26. Ah death, what a hilarious and ‘lame’ topic. Let’s all join in and laugh and point at these ‘lame’ people who lost their family members.

  27. I hope you’re right, jesuschristisg…whaaa!?

  28. Death, hahahaha…
    1) He looks like Mickey Rooney.
    2) Tanya: probably.
    James, I know something better than BBQ. Nachos. Stick a baby in the blender. Then you’ll wonder how to get it out. Well, just add some cheese, (you’ve already got the salsa: mild) and get some tortilla chips.

    3)I know, right? Ugh, death is just so inconvenient and time-wasting when you have more important matters to attend to.

  29. for those freaking out about the first one… while I don’t find it funny, I think it is in lamebook because the picture (and caption) was added December 13th, and the friend wanders by to comment on Feb 3rd.

  30. I was actually more bummed out about the hamster post than the first or last one. It’s kind of a shame if someone dies because of YOU (because you were stressed) rather than if it’s not your fault.

  31. The dead relative one is funny because Hanna made the comment herself.

    Instead of writing a private message to Demi or posting a more traditional line like “I’m sorry to say he passed away shortly after this picture was taken,” she decided to answer in a cold and funny way. Hard to imagine she wasn’t being funny on purpose. (Maybe the deceased had a wicked sense of humor she was honoring.)

  32. Death is just another part of the natural cycle of life.

    We should not let concerns for the dead and the sanctity of their mortal remains impact upon the lives of the living.

    If we did i’d have to cut down my ejaculations by approx 35% each week. The graveyard shift accounts for a large proportion of my weekly squirts.

  33. Yet again mofo, I’m speechless. You’re filthy!

  34. or maybe she just really hated her sister….

  35. Wow…so cold. :/

  36. That happened to a friend of mine, actually. I got her a hamster from a pet store as a gift (she asked for one, it wasn’t a surprised gift or anything like that) and it turned out the hamster was pregnant. There were no problems with the babies though.

    As far as the post, I’m not sure what Tanya thinks she can do at that point?

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