Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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  1. Whatever.

  2. Lamebook revealed Darryl’s full name

  3. Nice sleuth work @jellica!!

  4. Any teacher who ‘friends’ their student is asking for trouble. Don’t do it!

  5. its fuzzed out now.

  6. @slippy: re-read adam’s apology

  7. Aww shit, my bad – I thought Adam said, “couldn’t have done it without you, Mr. Martin”, not “couldn’t have done it without you AND Mr.Martin”… I’m reading this on my iPod so the screen is tiny, sorry!

  8. hahahahahaha am I the only one who noticed the awesome title to this post? “Teachbook”.. you know.. the Law suit thing Lamebook is in due to the name.. same thing happened with Teachbook and Placebook except facebook won them.. Gotta love Lamebook for that! 😛

  9. I would be tremendously pleased if any of my math students declared that they had made, say, analysis their bitch. Darryl sounds like a sanctimonious windbag. Much like me, but sanctimonious.
    If I were Adam, I would have made a case that making chemistry my bitch was totally acceptable and had already happened, and if she didn’t put out for Darryl that’s his problem and is probably because he has a tiny brain.

  10. I’ve had some teachers like Darryl. *RIP* Mr. Harris.

  11. My God Darryl is awesome.

  12. @ Brandy Alexander:

    International Baccalaureate students are encouraged to have close relationships with their teachers. With the way the certificate is structured, teachers act as facilitators, much like good university lecturers and tutors. And, as usually only private schools have the resources to offer the IB, students are generally more respectful and receptive to teachers.

    I don’t know what this submission is doing on Lamebook, actually. It’s simply a nice moment between teacher and student similar to what I experienced many times during high school. The words ‘bitch’ and ‘suck it’ were fine to use in a humourous context infront of teachers, and the teachers shared the joke. Also, it was common for students to thank their teachers so courteously, so I believe Adam truly means it and is not just backtracking.

  13. I know what’s wrong with that picture. The robot has an eye for a bellybutton. Wrong, horribly wrong.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Poor little girl needs a lesson to teach her that the opposite of pussy is dick.

  15. mad2, if I didn’t know you to be an idiot and a tool I would have assumed the irony in your comment was intended and I would have had a little chuckle. But instead I’m here touching myself. I really am.

  16. Look how sad the transvestite robot’s face is…that girl knew what she was doing.

  17. Love that, Walter. Just love it.

  18. No, teacher, I don’t drink at all, haha. That was merely a joke, to test you. *cough* You passed!
    Ricardo~ Reeeeeeed Rocket! Yummm.
    Adam, I made Biology my bitch so bad that I was bored, sleepy, yawning, and piss ass annoyed at the idiots who were so confused at everything. Then I bent my fetal pig over, named him Bob, and spanked him.

    True story: Once I quickly got over the aspect of dissecting a fetal pig and holding it, I freaked out my group by trying to get at it’s brain to look at. Sadly the skull was too developed. Before finishing, I decided to squeeze the sides of it’s jaw together and force the mouth open, making it talk. Ah, good old immaturity. I think we did actually name him Bob…or maybe Wilbur.


    It is not unusual to have a close relationship with a teacher, I remember my P.E teacher Mr Cockburn, we were very close…he used to bum me on Wednesdays and tell me it was our ‘special secret’

  20. Adam Should augment his speech with more asinine comments. He caved way too quickly. The respectful nature in which he responds is a sad commentary on the pussification of our children.

    Periodically, we need to table the discussion of how bad our kids are, and decide on how bad they should be.

  21. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Yes, PEriOdIcAlly.

  22. vaginalroundhouse

    The robot is standing funny or it is in mid split. I don’t remember robots being able to split.

  23. Check out the pouty lips on dog-penis robot, no wonder the robot on the right is so ‘excited’.

    Robot porn, c’mon Google, don’t let me down now.

  24. Does it bother anyone else when people say bahahaha to indicate laughter? Is the b really necessary? I don’t think anyone laughs like that except for maybe evil geniuses and it bugs the hell out of me to see it everywhere on facebook.

  25. Yeah, but does anyone really laugh “hahaha” anyways? I tend to try to use “heh heh”, or “HA!” when I’m taken by surprise with hilarity, but even that doesn’t *quite* cut it.

  26. LMFAO @ Darryl. I love teachers like him!

    Soup, you rOcK! xP (Excuse my lameness but I couldn’t resist.)

  27. ROTFL @ Dukey! (21) Somehow I missed that comment at first.

  28. It annoys me when people say bahahaha…or bwahaha. Psh.
    How do you make letters bold? No, I’m not going to google, it probably won’t help. I think that’s the ONE thing google doesn’t have info on.

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