Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No One Home

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  1. Okay. That was good.

  2. You sure this isn’t filming of a new, “Home Alone” movie. 😛

  3. Kal, Josh is trolling.
    He is talking about Home Alone. =P

  4. Josh, you bastard. 😉

  5. Nice – but he forgot there was a third.

  6. Brilliant! That Josh had me going …. well done 🙂

  7. Actually there are 4 Home Alone movies. They get progressively worse…

  8. Beware of the Wet Bandits…

  9. That was amusing. Reminds me of Ryan trolling Michael Scott on the Office with his Lion King story.

  10. Josh is an a-hole, if Monica was serious.

  11. Oh I feel so stupid right now. I was thinking “how the hell can this be a win?!”. After reading the comments, if I have correctly understood, Josh was talking about a movie, right? I guess my knowledge in movies is quite unextensive. 😐


    and i HAAATE to be a name dropper, but i studied abroad with the kid in the third one (the talented and prodigious alex d. linz).

  13. I had to reread the post after reading the comments… It made sense then lol

  14. 1) Monica was serious 2) The 3rd home alone doesn’t have kevin in it 3) I’m not an asshole I’m a comedic genius 4) You’re welcome America… Stay Classy

  15. Haha nice one Josh. Keep em coming.

  16. Some people should have been swallowed. They make the rest of humanity look bad. I haven’t decided if Josh or Monica should have been swallowed, so I just say both. Monica for not thinking about one of the top grossing Christmas movies of all time, and Josh for being a troll.

  17. there is acutally 4 home alones. but as the other guy said, only first two were with mcauly caulkin (i dont care if i butchered his name, he sucks)

  18. Took me a minute. I was like “man, parent fail.” Then I got irritated. Then when I got to the part about the plane, I cussed. Haha. Good one.

  19. Macaulay Culkin amy have made bad kid movies….When he was a kid. But he was way redeemed himself. I quite like him.

  20. pretty good. I knew something was up when he started talking about a gated community LOL

  21. Aw, I thought this one was going to go on for a while. As soon as I saw the name ‘Kevin’ I was looking forward to it. 🙁

  22. To be honest, I had no idea what he was talking about until he mentioned the plane.

    So, kind of lame. But maybe not lame because he fooled a bunch of people?

  23. I agree. It was completely lost on me until the “plane” thing. Also, it was one of the top hits, but not everyone watches movies, so maybe it’s not so surprising she fell for it.

  24. I caught on to the Home Alone reference as soon as he mentioned the burglars but this was hilarious. Poor Monica believed every word.

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