Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Battle of the Sexes

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  1. first?
    hahaha woo!

  2. Jeremy sounds like a total catch! what’s his number!!!!

  3. 1-800- longjohnsilver

  4. they hung up once i attempted to make sexy time with the phone 🙁

  5. Jeremy you twat. “Shut up” …. that’s the best you could do?

  6. can someone explain what NSFW means? i am usually up to date on these acronyms but searched the whole website and couldnt firgureit out

  7. Not Safe For Work 🙂

  8. fluffernutter69 – NSFW = Not Safe For Work. As it the pictures or text may get you into trouble for looking at whilst at work.

  9. *in

  10. oh come on, “grammar police” already?!?

  11. ahh thank you… definitely good to know lol

  12. oh, @fluffernutter, i LOVE your screenname 😀

  13. and samantha wins this round. thanks for playing.

  14. I heart Samantha.

  15. lol’d hard at the last one!

  16. Thomas is brilliant. 🙂

  17. @rockinghorsefly: I am a breadandbutterfly.


  18. Jeremy is a Twat. and apparently shut up IS the best he can do. Douche.

  19. Sexism: It’s still not funny.

  20. Sexism: It’s funny.

  21. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Misogyny: Always wins.

  22. Well Jeremy wins the argument clearly, as I understand the rules of official debate (and I don’t). He who comments last, wins. Although, he may have won the argument but he still works at long john silvers and sucks at banging so…she may have won the war.

  23. Sexist jokes are funny.

    The End

  24. 1) I can’t even…
    2)Jeremy should have shut up and not responded period, he could’ve avoided that easily. Maybe Sam should go to fucking pigs, you know they DO have the longest ejaculation. I’m not sure how long it takes to get there, but the orgasm lasts about 30 minutes or so. She could at least have a long bout of throbs.

    3) Evan’s lazy.

  25. Premature ejaculation suggests one was waiting for some special occasion to spurt the muck…girl holds cock girl gets damp hand, end of..there’s no point standing on ceremony, i don’t have all fucking day.

    Besides a spunk cannonade is only a prelude to a good fisting anyways right?

  26. Why would you have your ex at Facebook…especially someone who won’t be shy to reveal information, that could be terribly fake while we’re at it. Said this, Jeremy could save himself some comments as well…

  27. So…was Samantha being sarcastic, or is she really looking for a fast food employee who can’t reign in his spunk? Because holy shit, am I the man for her.

  28. vaginalroundhouse

    I bet she loved his man chowder. She couldn’t get enough of his haddock when it slathered her in tar tar sauce and he would yell “HAAAARRR”.

    I miss my Long John Silver.

  29. Sanny sucks.

    Jeremy is a loser. Not only because of Samantha’s comment but because his “shut up” retort was just SO clever.

    All hail King Thomas of Douchebagland!

  30. Ok Sanny, i’ll make you breakfast with my eggs and milk.

    mmm, nutrition.

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