Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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  1. Is douchiness grounds for divorce?

    Oh, and Gabe!

  2. I wouldn’t mind knowing who the two people are who liked ‘mom’s’ comment.

  3. so HIS douchebaggery is cause to disown his kids??
    what a great dad, he deserves to be kicked to the curb haha.

  4. @Super Nintendo Chalmers I believe it’s cited as Irreconcilable Douchiness.

  5. Stan the man.

  6. Does moving out/getting kicked out mean he’s not their dad anymore? That doesn’t make any sense. Also, what is Pat trying to say?

  7. Do people still not realize that facebook isn’t real life?

  8. Facebook IS REAL LIFE!1111

    The internet is serious business and all that.

    I hope that when my wife divorces me, she makes sure to post it on facebook, blog about it, and tweets about it!

    That’s the only way I’ll accept it!

  9. What a kind and caring way to let your kids know you’re seperating.

  10. Some people have lost the sense of reality.

  11. @MsBuzzkillington

    Facebook IS reality for most people these days.
    have you not noticed that people communicate more through Facebook instead of actual human interaction outside of their home? like their “coochies bleedin” and posting pictures of babies holding dirty stripper money and playing with it.

    that’s what society is nowadays, therefore your family is ON Facebook, not in the other room of the house. which apparently makes it acceptable to disown your kids due to a divorce. yes, what a great world we live in!

  12. “I call him Stanley. Ya know, like the power tool? Ohh!”

  13. Dad’s a fricken douchebag.

  14. Wow…just fucking wow.

  15. I don’t blame Stan for disowning the little cunts.

    Just last night he told me over a can of Special Brew that Jenny never put out, Pat kept spunking on the kitchen towels and Ann wouldn’t suck her own tits on demand… Fuck me i’d leave too, what a shit little family.

  16. Imamofo well played sir

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