Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tooned Out

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  1. Her name is Ebony. Just sayin’.

  2. Ben!

  3. …and her friends are called Ikenna, Alp and Kshitij. Surely they can’t be real people?

  4. How do you even pronounce “Kshitij”?

    “Hey, I have a really bad case of the kshitij-es…”

  5. If I was bugs bunny I would have had a boner to!:)

  6. haha Snow White and her 7 husband dwarfs.. or is it dwarves?

  7. I think the “ij” sounds like “age”, in “carnage”

    and the K is like a “cuh” sound.

    So it’s… say it with me… Cuh-Shit-Age… Kshitij.

    If I was certain that Kshitij was a girl, I’d have sex with her, just to be able to say that I had anal sex with kshitij. *nudge nudge*

  8. Poor, poor Kshitij. (S)he never had a chance in life…

  9. I wonder which one Snow White calls “Big Daddy”?

    I’ve never had a sexual attraction to Bugs Bunny, am I too innocent, or is it OK that I’m not into rabbits?

  10. Hooray for a hilarious post by lamebook.

  11. Bugs Bunny is stepping on her foot…wannabe Thumper.
    There are actually a shitload of people called Kshitij on FB 🙂 !

  12. mcowles, Kshitij is a Hindu name, so it’s more likely pronounced Cuh-Shee-Tush.

    gingivitis, Ikenna is a Nigerian name.

    you’re on your own with Alp.

  13. I wonder if Bugs Bunny took her back to his Rabbit Hole?

  14. eenerbl, there is something wrong with you. I’m a heterosexual male and I’d still at least rub Bugs Bunny’s belly… he’s really cute/sexy.

    And about the seven dwarves, when they have sex, they’re actually 100% the opposite of what their names suggest.

    Bashful is instead experimentative and sure of himself.
    Sleepy is wide awake the entire time, taking everything in.
    Doc is clueless when it comes to the genitalia of women, which is unfortunate, as he often tries to hump elbows and bottoms of feet.
    Grumpy ends up being cheerful and agreeable, willing to do anything to please (yes, even THAT).
    Dopey is incredibly skillful… knowing the ins and outs of Snow White in such a literal sense that she always picks him to “finish the deal”.
    Sneezy is allergic to everything normally, but once the musky scent of sex and sweat fill his nostrils, he’s as clear as a summer sky (and twice as horny).
    Happy hates sex… it depresses him so much and you often hear him whimpering in the middle, or muttering something about his high score in Wii Bowling.

    And the eight dwarf, named “Staminey”… well, I think you know what he does in bed, or rather, what he does in his pants before getting into bed.

  15. Bugs should’ve hit that

  16. Wow mcowles is boring.

  17. @mcowles: Well, now that you put it that way. Bugs Bunny is Cute, i’d rube his belly. I don’t think I could go farther then that (maybe if we were in his rabbit hole).

    I wouldn’t mind having a shake at Grumpy, then Bashful, then topping it off with a little Dopey!

    Alright, I’m getting turned on, I’ll be back in about 30 min.

  18. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    The California Strawberry Commission is anti-gay?

  19. ROFL Buggs Bunny should terrified. I would be if if had her doing that to me

  20. Not likely to have a carrot actually. Most characters with full bodied costumes tend to be women in theme parks due to their smaller stature. So, Bugs is probably a chick underneath.

  21. @Navie: Let us have our dream!

  22. @ChairmanBlao

    If I’m boring, then don’t read my comments. I don’t write them to amuse you. I get bored, so I ramble on…. either read it or don’t, up to you.

  23. If I named my daughter Ivory I would probably be seen as a racist.

    On a side note, what does XD mean?

  24. No way bugs is gonna hit a black chick… he’s got more class

  25. @mcowles: Awesome xD

  26. @grammarpolice

    XD… well, the D is a big smile. The X denotes blow jobs and ice cream.

    I think.

  27. @grammarpolice and @mcowles

    XD is a smiley face, the X being the eyes, the D being the mouth.

    Sort of like this face: >.< except with a smiley mouth.

  28. You know of course it’s funny because they both breed like rabbits.

  29. @hailstorm

    So what you’re saying is…. no ice cream?

  30. Sorry, couldn’t stop myself.

  31. Ah, thanks for clearing that up for me.
    I thought maybe the X meant kiss, and the D was some lame add-on like they were saying kisseD.
    Man, I feel old.

  32. Lol! Blow jobs and ice cream. I like that one better, sounds more fun. Stupid smiley faces, that is way better. XD, blow jobs and ice cream for everyone! (O.K., I’ve had too much wine, time to go to bed before my husband reads this.)

  33. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    i thought kate’s comment was hilarious

  34. Go Kate!

  35. @eenerbl

    haha, I think I’m gonna save your comment, to reread when I’m down. Wine has some magical properties, eh?

  36. Indeed mcowles, indeed!

  37. worst_episode_ever

    is that a carrot in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? hahahahaalarious… @14-mcowles that was very disturbing indeed. have you ever seen snow white? the dwarfs don’t bathe so that would be one dirty, dirty, smelly orgy

  38. I had no idea Mcowles was personally acquinted with the seven (eight) dwarves. They sound like a fun bunch and snow white would appear to have been well, er, entertained during her stay with them.

  39. So… I might be a lil’ behind, but what’s the story behind the “if disney is with gay marriage/parenting” remark? I’d try searching, but the thought of even having a memory of googling “disney gay marriage” scares me.

  40. Freezit4: Disney hosts “Gay Days” every year for about a week where they welcome gay couples, families, etc. Also, Disney started offering themed fairy tale weddings for gay couples. Probably best to keep the search off of your work history anyway, though. 🙂

  41. OMGZ!!! I was thinking, “That girl in the Bugs Bunny Picture looks my my college roomie Ebony!” Then I read the comments! That’s freakin’ her!!!

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