Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dream Car?


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  1. this is perfect.

  2. A Pea green Mustang as a dream car. Holy frick Im jealous.

  3. words can’t describe a person who dreams they could own a used, $15,000 mustang

  4. Its a V6! The V6’s have those small lights while the V8’s have the big fogs or no lights. Who obsesses over a ugly green v6 mustang?

  5. It’s actually the “pony” package. Regular V6s have no fog lights. Pony’s just have those small lights but are still V6. V8s (like mine) have big fog lights. Shelby’s (the really nice ones – 500 horsepower!) Also have no fog lights, but they have a shiny grill with the cobra logo. So yeah, not much of a dream here.

  6. I wonder if this album has anything to do with the “joey” in the above post who is moving into an apartment ALL BY HIMSELF! haha… What a shame that a dream car is a V6 and the color of puke.

  7. V6 or V8, its a horrible waste of a mustang…

  8. I hate when I miss all the good previews.

  9. You’re dream car doesn’t even have all 8 cylinders? Hmmmmm

  10. Guys, I don’t know if you noticed… But it’s gold. It’s the lighting (probably because the photo was taken at night) that makes it look green. Also, what’s wrong with wanting a V6 as a dream car? No matter the amount of cylinders, it could make a shitload of power if you worked the engine right. Take a look at all the Jap imports, like Silvias, Skylines and Supras. I’ve seen a 1050hp Supra, and those things only have 4-6 cylinders. Silvias and Skylines pump out a crapload of horses aswell, with just little tweaks.
    Plus, she’s a girl. Most of us girls are only interested in street cars. Therfor only interested in appearance. And this thing obviously appeals to her.
    So, I fail to see how this is lame at all, except for the caption stating that they “missed all the good previews”.

  11. It’s lame because who actually sits and stares at a stock mustang? They’re everywhere! I could understand if it was a Shelby or Roush or something. But a stock v6 mustang? You might as well be staring at a lamp post.

  12. Is this the same Joey with who lives alone in an expensive apartment? Or is the album name just a coincidence?

  13. *joey who

  14. If they took a photo of a Lamborghini murcielago or a sports car that is well over the 100 grand price range…then that could be classified as a dream car…

    i hope that mustang runs Kristi over..that would be MY dream.

  15. If anyone ever tried to make me miss any previews for any movie, I would have Chuck Norrised that bitch in the face.

  16. Chuck Norris doesn’t miss previews; they wait ’til he gets there.

  17. Chuck norris doen’t need previews…. He tells the movie whats going to happen.

  18. Maybe she should ask her friend Joey, to buy it for her, since he can afford to live in a very expensive apartment

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