Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You Can’t Judge a Book …


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  1. I am actually rendered speechless. If your a nymphomaniac, just step up to the plate, your boyfriend might just like it more than you know…

    Can I get a hell yeah?

  2. every guy loves a nympho from time to time …

    hell yeah !

  3. Considering that her photo displays about 5% of her face, I’m assuming her thonged ass is the most attractive part of her, and she’s got a pretty fugly face. Perhaps Meela is blind.

  4. <3 <3 <3 @ Svetlana

  5. Based on the picture I would bury it in her ass.

  6. Huh, Chelsie, I poked her, she ain’t so hot. I mean I wouldn’t kickerouttabedforeatincrackers, I’m just sayin I’ve had better.

  7. Haha. How does this whore not understand why people call her a whore? LMAO! Skank. I hope you have AIDs.

  8. sbs_kcbaby, you suck, seriously. What the hell kind of thing is that to say about someone?

  9. ^I’m with prettypixels. It’s not cool to wish that kind of ailment on someone for any reason! I hope a group of big black African dudes with a 20 inch penis’s rape you senseless and leaves a trail of blood and come in every orifice you have!

  10. ^ And gives him AIDS?

  11. “fucking busy” is right.

  12. lol i dont know her, i havent been in school with her, but i surely do know a slut when i see one!

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