Monday, February 26, 2018

XXL Revenge

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  1. Serves them right for not realizing it was a three day weekend and that’s what prevented them from shipping. What a DB!

  2. Hey! ^^^^^^You’re in STEEEEEVER’s spot!^^^^^^^


    FIRST!!!! (not counting twisted old prunes!)

  3. This whole Stever thing not only drives people away from the site but apparently you’re oblivious to the fact people think you’re pathetic. I feel so sorry for you when you post that you’re first to post on something when no one is trying to race you for first. But I bet you will keep going on since this is apparently very important in your life. Weeeeeendy! LOL

  4. Listen, you humorless old shrew, the five or ten people left on this site come here for STEEEEEEVER!


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