Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fatigued Friend

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  1. Sounds like a perfectly normal thought to type and put out there for hundreds of people to read… If you want your friends and family to think you’re a wierdo rapist…

  2. Oh, you’re complaining about being “friendzoned”? Because being friends with someone you care for and appreciate is the worst fate imaginable, right?

  3. What a twat. The friendzone is a myth. Just because one person has certain feelings for someone it doesn’t make the object of affection a bad person because they don’t feel the same way. If they can’t handle being around the person who just wants to be friends, they should do both parties a favor and just stay away.

  4. With friends like that, it’s their own fault, should they get raped!

  5. StupidDane, your psychopathic “quips” are the very soul of tedium.

  6. If you let your friend know of your affecions, and the response is definite friendzone, then you need to find someone else to admire, but you can still remain friends if you want to. If the response is vebally mutual, but the other person still keeps you at a distance and never shows affection, get away and lose the friendship.

    If you never make known your intentions, you are to blame.

  7. ^Wow, beatus, that shit was deep, bro.

  8. I like that word, “tedium”. That’s fun to say.

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