Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What A Hoot

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  1. 1. stupid and obnoxious.
    2. No better.

    Happier note? Yay boobies!!!!!!

  2. To quote Michael Scott, “Hooters is a restaurant.” Not a strip club.

  3. “they betta not touch him”… wtf do people think happens @ Hooters?

  4. Hooters IS a restaurant. Overreacting twats are overreacting

  5. Yes Portia, not only are the giant jiggly fun bags with legs going to molest him, they are also going to make him take off his coat. They betta not try to take it off, cuh he be gettin sic w/o wuh.

    2, you’re bending in the wrong direction, love.

  6. Wtf is wrong with Hooters? I mean REALLY? Why does it make him a bad dad because he wants to take his son to Hooters?

    Take the stick out of your bums.

  7. I didn’t know hooters had delivery!

  8. … yeah, they drive scooters.


    sorry, carry on.

  9. apparently hooters has become a reputable whore house since I last ate there, at the time it was a mere wing joint that had waiters who had big boobs. How the times have changed….speaking of which, does anyone know how to get to hooters from my house? the fastest route if possible.

  10. …yeah, on a scooter.


    sorry Jon, carry on.

  11. Who cares if someone takes their kids to hooters? Pretty sure there are more scantily clad women just walking down the street, or on tv, or in magazines, or pretty much anywhere the kid looks – a pair of short shorts and a tight tshirt is nothing in comparison…

  12. Mass, I for one LOLd at your scooter comments! Love punnies!

  13. Thanks desert …

    Appreciate the comment.

  14. Nothing wrong with some father/son bonding at Hooters, way better than Chuck E Cheese’s, I’m sure Junior would prefer to be touched by a titty waitress than a greasy perv in an unwashed rat costume.

  15. Mass, I for one LOLd at your scooter comments!

  16. Father of the year right there, eh?

  17. lol

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Ahh, I too remember the fun times (and fun bags) I’ve had at the Hooters in H-town next to US-59 and I certainly didn’t order any wings.

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  20. I thought breasts are for babies, so what’s the problem?

  21. What the hell is wrong with taking a baby or kid to Hooters? I see families in there all the time. It’s a chain restaurant, not an opium den.

    And @ #9 Jonjones – hehehe

  22. Nothing wrong with hooters. these are just lame.

  23. I don’t get Portia’s comment about the coat. But seeing her other comment “better not touch him” I can make myself an idea…

  24. If I ordered some food from Hooters and I had two FULLY clothed, prissy little smiling cunts like that turn up…Well lets just say they’d be VERY luck to have two pervy cops like that in attendance.

    No cleavage, nip slip or top bollocks.. whats the fucking point to them both then!?

  25. If the baby tries to fuck a Hooters girl, he should definitely wear his coat.

    Those two girls will one day be embarrassed they wore inverted matching outfits. Reminds me of the Michael Jackson lookalikes in “Beverly Hills Cop.” Gay.

  26. God… I fucking fear for our future…..

  27. Yeah, those girls are not doing it for me…maybe if they took off those jogging suits…

  28. I’ve been to hooters four maybe five times, always different establishment, yet was always a similar underwhelming experience to say the least.

    I can’t believe it continues to do so well:

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