Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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  1. First! Vagnia rhymes with Bosnia. Interesting.

  2. Too bad the last one is from TFLN.

  3. wow, just wow!

  4. People still use the word “box” for their va-jay-jay?

  5. People still use the word “va-jay-jay” for their vagina?

  6. People still use the word vagina for their vag?

  7. People still use the word vag for their cooter?

  8. People still use the word “cooter” for their man-eater?

  9. Box was ever used for the word vagina besides this case?

    It’s my vag in a box.

    “1. cut a hole in a box
    2. put your box in that box.
    3. make him open that box.”

  10. hehehehe @ Keona. Put your box in that box. That’s good stuff right there.

  11. At least they are honest.

  12. I didn’t know cunts were called vaginas.

  13. lol @ “strawberri”. What a stupid name.

  14. Right Sammy? If she’s old enough to have a husband, she’s old enough not to be calling herelf Strawberri … especially with the i!

  15. @Keona

    There was a response video to dick in a box done that goes just like that. Its hilarious. Youtube that shit!

  16. @14 lol, I saw it. Nicely done, when I made my comment, I didn’t even know the response video existed, it just came from the top of my head.

  17. People still use the term ‘man-eater’ for their snatch?

    (just pretend I’m 9th)

  18. @mass, i hate the term ‘snatch’ when referring to my whispering eye. i also hate ‘twat’ and ‘pussy’. They all seem so…. gross.

  19. itz .. yeah, not a favorite of mine either .. I was just trying to get something going and that came to mind.

    ‘whispering eye’ in my Indian name, interesting.

  20. *is

  21. People still use the term “whispering eye” for their bajingo?

  22. Strawberri has a classy name, and classy statuses..I want to taste her box.

  23. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  24. People still use the term bajingo for their pussy?

  25. btw, what is TMVI ?

  26. Too Much Vagina Info?

  27. Hoo-ha.

  28. I don’t like any of these slang terms. Isn’t there something better out there?

  29. Gash works for me, slippyslappy.

  30. @slippyslappy – Try these:- Tuppence, chufter, fadge, fanny (UK only), love tunnel, Penis Eye Trap.

    My work here is…………..done.

  31. Hmmm shall we go with love tunnel slippy?

  32. Crumpet .

  33. @curlybap – or even slippy love tunnel?

  34. Haha Absofuckinglutely 😉

  35. Gash…Cum Bucket..Furry FunBox…Minge…Cock Holster…Fuck Hole..Gaping Gusset Chasm…Leaky Love Tube….Rapists Target…Smelly Front Door…Kebab Burger…Snapper…Snapping Oyster.. The list goes on and on and on.

    All three of these ladies seem like game birds, anybody who likes to talk in public about their cunt is ok by me.

  36. Man, you just shit charm 😀

  37. lol @paranoid
    I like that…

  38. But hey! Noone mentionned coochie. It be bleedin’

  39. I now have an arsenal of names for a certain body part. That is pretty mint

  40. everybody seems to have missed the c-word – clart. ’tis a common word down our way.
    Also poond (as in “a poond of bacon, whay aye”)

  41. fuck hole is too vague. ‘pussy’ is classy.

  42. @slippy – I just watched a BBC show that used the term “ladyflower”. Not too bad!

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