Friday, July 6, 2012

Magic Mom

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  1. People have sex. Nothing wrong with that.

  2. People have sex. Parents don’t. LA-LA-LA /hands on ears/

  3. Would anyone really want to get down in 100+ degree heat with no AC, potentially no running water, and the smell of rotting garbage in the air?

  4. Leave out the smell of garbage, and you have my daily routine.

  5. Fake!

  6. parents embarrassing their kids with their own sexual proclivities are my favorite category on LB. Mine is 13 and I look forward to many of these in her future.

  7. can we all just bury our parents?

  8. I wonder if shes the chaperone Of those 20 year olds.

  9. She is just messing with her kid. Her kid is due, she was a monster during the “terrible twos”

  10. 7 think of your mom buried under a gargantuan load of jism straight from daddy’s dick…isn’t that hot?

  11. Why would there be babies? Aren’t Shades of Grey and Magic Mike just lonely woman masturbation material?

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