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  1. i like to eat turtles

  2. This is one of rare case where I wish more of the story was presented rather than just a small piece. It should be mandatory for stuff like this to have updates. Whoever submitted this gem should have to keep everyone else up to date on what is going on. Just like with the one armed fly girl.

  3. I feel bad for the guy…but it almost seems like the dumb bitch wanted to get caught if she left it out for him to find.

  4. @Zoobert – yes, simplicity is good, and the most obvious answer often turns out to be true, but I just felt like putting a different spin on things.

    Also, I had consumed most of a bottle of wine when I commented, and was in a slightly odd state of mind. Apologies to anyone who feels my waffling wasted their time.

  5. I kinda hope Alas knows these people and is telling the truth.

    I could see why he’d be pissed off to find the pregnancy test (obviously) but why the hell wouldn’t he confront her first, before posting it on Facebook? Confront her, then if she turns out to be the sort of bitch that would cheat on someone who’s gone to fight for their country… THEN tell Facebook.

  6. Aw man. That was a poorly timed comment.

  7. He wasn’t fighting for his country; he was terrorizing fellow terrorizers! I love Roacsors comment! haw haw

  8. I JUST got Roacsor’s comment. I’m slow today.

  9. I still don’t get it. 🙁

    Also, I wish we had little avatars or something. I never pay attention to usernames so I sometimes get confused as to what’s going on.

  10. Joooooody!!!

  11. alright…I’ve had enough…
    what the fuck is up with

    “her baby daddy”

    really have we all resorted to trying to sound ghetto when speaking about a
    baby’s daddy, baby’s father, child’s father, illegitimate bastard’s father?

    this is a phrase that needs to die and the person that originated it, shot in the face

    “and we thank you for your support”

  12. @evilbungle
    sorry didn’t see that you took care of pointing that out.


  13. This kinda reminds me of how they “Do it for their country” in Grease 2…
    if you haven’t seen it, then, the scene i’m thinking of, is pretty much where Louise tricks his girlfriend thinks that he has to go to war the next day and gets her to have s** with him…
    but thats only the tiniest part of the movie. the rest is awesome…
    *wanders off singing “lets do it for our country”*

  14. draeggs, “my baby daddy” concisely represents a large part of what is wrong with modern day western society. It implies that the only relationship between a woman and a man is that they have a child together and distances them from having responsibility in bringing the child into the world. The scary thing is that you (and most people including me) are usually bothered mostly by the poor English and accept horrible social meaning behind the phrase.

  15. @Walter Sobchak

    now that was a very unexpected response, that was awesome thanks for that.

    in regards to the situation above though, I find it pathetic and distasteful that such things occur in our society. I think my offense to the phrase (besides sounding low class) is the lessening of the term “daddy”. I do believe that in this case the proper term here is “baby’s sperm donor”. I hate to generalize but there is a good possibility that the child will not have a proper father/daddy figure or influence.

    I have said in prior posts “just because you can breed, does not mean you should”, this is yet again another example.

  16. hahaha- @ Walter, yeah I was a bit tired when I posted that. My response didn’t really make any sense at all. I’m an idiot.

  17. Can anyone tell me why the hell RandomlyRuby thought it necessary to censor ‘sex’? At least I assume that is what it is meant to be and not sushi or sandwiches or sacraments or something… Made me laugh but.

  18. How girl get pragnent?
    Maybe the Maury show will update us on this one.

  19. James=Drama Queen

  20. @Anitalaff
    Wow, you are a terrible person.

    This guy just got off duty in Iraq and finds that his wife slept with another man. You are probably some slut/man-whore as well. I hate people like you.

  21. well can anyone tell me why the hell Awful thought it was necessary to add “but” to the end of the sentance?
    because that is incorrect grammer.

    and BTW, i decided to censor it because i’m not one to say that word.

    and why, exactly, do you find that funny?

    you are one strange little fuckwit.

  22. Really RandomlyRuby? You have to censor “but” but you are okay with ‘little fuckwit’ ??

    Thank you James for serving our country. Without people like you, war would be on our soil.

  23. RandomlyRuby: since you’re a bit of a “grammer” expert, I thought I’d analyse your “sentance”. I’m glad you are not one to say the word ‘sex’, but you will happily accuse an individual of being a “fuckwit”. It makes me all warm and fuzzy to know that people of your high moral fibre still exist.

  24. mgi: Agreed. You made me LOL.

  25. lol ouch

  26. @ Roacsors

    baby… baby.. PIRATE?!

  27. AngelsNDragonflies

    @Kwanz4 – your emotions are a bit exaggerated there! To be a terrible person you have to be doing really terrible things. Besides Anitalaff isn’t posting anything less/more obnoxious than anyone here.

  28. @11 Greydeath
    Guess so.

    @75 malteaser
    lol + ouch?? I’m impressed 😉

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