Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lil’ LOLs





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  1. Angelina’s logic is flawed. What guy would get pissed for finishing too early? If you finish before she does, that just means you won.

  2. Who says writing captions for adult magazines need skills? We just need to keep stealing Carole’s status updates and change a bit of context.

    Also Angelina? I know some girl’s fantasies can be complicated, but come on! The incredible Hulk sure knows how to treat a lady. He would get all greeny and big then start the job.

  3. I’m lame! I totally LOLed at Jeph’s post!

    I fail!

  4. Angelina has issues

  5. Sex is like a race. Whoever finishes first, wins!

  6. For the record, Jeph stole that from Soulja Boy

  7. Jeph can’t even spell his name correctly. I’m not surprised he got all Fs. Jeph phails.

  8. @ugh I knew a bloke named phil who purposely spelled his facebook name Fill. I think he thought it added to his sex appeal but fuck it pissed me off! Unrelated but it feels good to get it off my chest.

  9. i too laughed at Jeph’s. sadface.

  10. Ugh FTW!

  11. It seems Jessi has also discovered too much semen has a serious adverse effect on your spelling too.

    I don’t even get Jeph’s comment.

  12. what is wrong with semen? it is great.

  13. What university gives out “report cards?” I think old Jeph deserved those Fs.

  14. *Grammar Police*
    ‘To’ is a preposition: Sally went TO the store. ‘Too’ is an adverb: I like that TOO. Sorry about that, but the use of the preposition as an adverb was really irritating me…and I thought I’d help some folks out with that confusion.

    After that note, I thought the Hulk thing was actually pretty funny, sure the fact that she pondered that is strange, but it was pretty funny all the same.

  15. last one isn’t lame. it’s from a song “throw some d’s on that bitch” or something, by soulja boy.

  16. What means it “throw some d’s on that bitch”?

  17. @16

    😉 was thinking the same thing myself xD

  18. Good question poopaloop. I looked it up on urbandictionary and still have no clue. I guess we’re not gangsta nuff.

  19. Throw some D’s on that bitch is a song from Soulja Boy where basically the guy got f’s and insists that his teacher put some D’s on that paper. Paper = that bitch.

  20. If I’m not mistaken that phrase refers to a woman’s cleavage. Oh and vixnbrianaf, the words were properly used,the sentence goes “I too, laughed at Jeph’s.” So much for grammar police.

  21. Jessi is over-compensating for something.

  22. to throw some D’s on that bitch. D stands for Dubs, dubs means 20s, 20 inch rims. That bitch would be the vehicle to which the 20in rims would be put on.

  23. It’s actually a song by Rich Boy, NOT Soulja Boy.

  24. It’s a song by Rich Boy, but Soulja Boy has this(check out the last minute of the video):

  25. becky— i was actually talking about the song JSpartan talked about, called “Report Card” by Soulja Boy.
    in this case, it’s referring to D’s on a report card…

  26. Ok, either way. I still don’t get why it makes sense or is funny to ask his professors to “install 20 inch rims on a car” or “wear bigger bras” because he flunked his classes. Call me clueless, lol.

  27. Ok never mind. I just watched that video. Meh..

  28. @20 mark197, vixnbrianaf was refering to Angelina’s status post which included an incorrect use of the word “to” (preposition) when what she meant was “too” (adverb)

    “…he finished to early…” (ugh it makes me shudder typing it incorrectly)

    but still managed to entertain despite the mistake.

  29. Angelina…please. Clearly you would be having sex with Dr. Bruce Banner, if your partner becomes the Hulk mid coitus. Clearly. Lamest Post Ever.

  30. I was almost excited by Angelina’s fantasy, till I remembered the Hulk’s pants never burst :^(. Lame.

  31. Haha comicbookgy I was thinking the same thing… and also is it lame that I laughed hella hard at the sex/spades quote :p

  32. lostintranslation

    Jessi: “association”, “semen”, “tartar”, “partner” and “better”. Also, it’s kinda lame to “like” your own status, especially when you’re trying to make a joke.

  33. I love how she managed to spell a potentially problematic word such as ‘plaque’, but not ‘semen’ or ‘better’.

  34. I love how everyone is totally missing the point about ‘throw some Ds…’. Thinking it’s bra size or 20″ rims!!
    Clearly he means give me some Ds instead of Fs

  35. I love how elficko is totally missing all of the posts which explain the D’s comment and thinks the comment only applies to the actual grades!


  36. I just can not even tell you how lame the comments on this site are getting. Can we stop with the “grammar police” seriously are you all elementary school teachers or what. Wait, never mind you are all perfect? Sorry, that is why you insist on ruining things for everyone else. Geeze what was I thinking?

    On a side note the Hulk comment gave me something else to ponder while laying in bed thinking about what it would be like to do superman as he flies around the world to turn back time =)

  37. I’m an English major and a straight-A student, and I agree with #36. You all are using grammar and spelling superiority to make yourselves seem smarter so you can “win” some stupid internet argument. Grammar and spelling are important to me, and they should be important to everyone, but using them as the official gage of intelligence is just lame.

  38. I agree with numbers 36 and 37 to a point. Jumping down someone’s throat due to a simple spelling error or a misplaced comma is asinine. However, when people type sentences on the internet where every other word is some web speak and the remaining half are misspelled without any consideration given to grammar or punctuation, why shouldn’t I consider that person an idiot? I should and I do; if someone handed me a letter or memo at my office that looked like some post on the web, I’d laugh them out of the building. Furthermore, I would fail to take them or anything they had to say seriously. On the internet, it’s even more crucial. The first impression someone has of your idea rests in how it’s typed.

  39. #37: gage s/b gauge. Thanks.

  40. Another meaning for ‘Throw some D’s on that bitch’ throw money at it to make it better…. i.e tip the waiter for better service, spend money to make something better, PAY HIT TUTORS TO GIVE HIM BETTER GRADES!

  41. Another meaning for ‘Throw some D’s on that bitch’ throw money at it to make it better…. i.e tip the waiter for better service, PAY HIS TUTORS TO GIVE HIM BETTER GRADES!

  42. D’s started out meaning Dayton Rims. So it’s talking about putting rims on your car. That’s all.

  43. No, not tip the tutors. Throw some D’s on that bitch is a common phrase now meaning to put rims on your car, but in this case it’s funny to use it because a D is a passing grade whereas F is not.

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