Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Parental Problems





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  1. Nick you sick bastard

  2. This is why you shouldn’t add your parents to facebook, and if you do, HIDE YOUR UPDATES FROM THEM!

    Nick, you FAIL!

  3. Nick is very twisted. Oh and is it just me or is the last name of the top post very obvious. McMillan

  4. fridgeee

  5. Turtles Like I.

  6. Is Amber Nick’s daughter or his wife or something else? Just wondering because Rhys’ name is double barrelled.

  7. The first one is funny, but yeah, I see McMillan too…

  8. Jessica, quick college tip: classes are expensive, parties are not. Classes are often prerequisites for other classes, but parties are never prerequisites for other parties. Also, if you miss the party today, there’s guaranteed to be another one tomorrow.

  9. And Jessica, going to class will make sure you don’t end up knocked up or doing the “My pussy’s on fire” squirm at campus health services.

  10. Damn that is a lot of butter in that fridge

  11. I am really craving a beer now

  12. I’d say Rhys and Amber are married and have doubled barrelled their names on marriage and that Nick is just the father of Rhys. Or at least I hope so, otherwise Nick is even more of a perv.

  13. hey guyss haha its Jessica, my status was actually a text from texts from last night.I just thought it was funny and I guess so did someone on my friends list who added it up here. To clear the air I actually go to class and have a very high GPA haha soo no worries.

  14. Love the family humour right there as Maria makes public her dream of her son being her pool boy.

  15. frig?

  16. Velveeta need not be refrigerated. Beer space allocation fail.

  17. Why do overseas fridges always look more exciting than my fridge?

  18. No, I think Amber and Rhys are Nick’s daughters. Their names are hyphenated with both parents’ last names.

  19. GrammaticalErrors

    @ Lola……so true! I don’t know what Velveeta is but if it doesn’t need to be in there get it the fuck out ppl!!! That is some hallowed space your taking up!

    @ poopaloop….I think that too, but then I guess we only see pictures of the inside of someones fridge when it has something good (or gross) in there….other wise who cares!

  20. Note to Amber: Watch what you post, especially when you have your parents looking at your facebook. 😛

  21. Amber is talking about a bra…it’s in reply to that chain e-mail going aroung about posting your bra colour as your status to help raise awareness of cancer or at least thats what it says…hence all the colours as statuses.

  22. Beckyboo, I have to disagree there is another way out of the whole parental drama thing on facebook.

    You can behave in a way that doesn’t embarrass yourself and also have confidence that your life style is just fine despite what mommy or daddy may think.

  23. @ Lola (and everyone who might leave Velveeta in a cupboard): Velveeta should be refrigerated after opening. This is why they keep it in refrigerated section at the grocery store. Even cheese whiz, (which isn’t kept, unopened, in the fridge) needs to be refrigerated after opening.

    Other than that, is it just me or has anyone noticed the number of Canadians like Dave becoming superfans of the NFL? That much beer for the Rose Bowl? And you know he doesn’t have a “home team”.

  24. @ Canadian, not sure if you’re being facetious, but the Rose Bowl concerns college football, not the NFL. You’re right about the Velveeta, though.

  25. Lmao maria

  26. Is that photo supposed to infer a lot of beer? I hope that’s for 1 person.

  27. @26, imply…

  28. What the hell sort of party are these kids planning when the fridge is stocked with beer and several large tubs of what I am presuming is margarine? A crazy, fun filled pastiche of nude spin the bottle and twister perhaps?

    (Although not being familiar with Velveeta I could be wrong in thinking it’s margarine, which begs the question, how much lube do you need peoples?).

  29. lostintranslation

    Velveeta is a processed cheese product (not actually cheese though), usually used in dishes like macaroni cheese in the US

  30. Thanks lostintranslation. Velveeta sounds quite horrific really, but as I come from a place that thinks Vegemite is not only edible but rather tasty, I’m in no position to throw stones.

    Processed cheese in a tub doesn’t make my mental picture of a fun night in any more appealing unfortunately…

  31. lostintranslation

    Indeed, Velveeta is not the most appetising food in the world (less so when you realise that it contains less than 51% cheese…)

    I hadn’t originally noticed the vast quantities in the photo, but now that I think about it the combination large quantities of beer and cheese-flavoured mystery product sounds like a recipe for gastric unpleasantness, potentially of the scale of Tuesday’s “2 much” entry

  32. @27, fuck off

  33. @26 – Spastix,

    you must be such a tough, beer chugging badass. please teach us how to be cool and hard like you. you sound so awesome posting comments like that. what a pussy lol!!
    i just hope that everyday i could be a little bit more like you.

  34. @33 – “I just hope that everyday I can be a little more like you” – I think your mixing past and present tense, I could be wrong.

  35. She was talking about not wearing a bra. She was being the typical whore thinking that if she tells everyone about the color of her bra, she would be spreading awareness about breast cancer. EXCEPT, she raised nothing she she didn’t talk about why she was posting b/c apperently it’s all part of some secret woman’s breast cancer club and two, she just proved that she is a whore cause she wasn’t wearing a bra and everyone know women that don’t wear bras are really easy.

  36. @34, you’re*

  37. This is Dave.

    #1. I am not Canadian.
    #2. As someone said before, the Rose Bowl is a college football game.
    #3. I prefer Velveeta chilled. It’s easier to clean up, too. I was making queso dip for the game.
    #4. I probably drank about 25 of these. More beer was brought later in the day. My uncle and I drank all of them.
    #5. My mom was there, I dunno why she asked if that was our fridge haha

  38. @36, BWAHAHAHA. Nice one.

  39. jessica’s dad acts like he never picked acid/booty/40s over a poli-sci lecture. if he hasn’t, someone needs to start living vicariously.

  40. worst_episode_ever

    you dont have to be a slut not to wear a bra. you could also be a cock tease. hell i’m not even wearing a shirt right now and i’m no whore.

  41. <>

    case in point.

  42. (rose bowl pic)

  43. Jessica’s dad FTW!

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