Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It’s FTWinsday!







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  1. Rockingfreakapotamus

    Pwned by your own dad – that sucks

  2. Jonathan’s comeback was weak. Jonathan, if you submitted this (and we all know you did), you’re a dumbass.

    Randy, on the other hand, is my new hero.

  3. Why do you think Jonathan submitted his own his own status?

  4. @Sensible Madness

    If Jonathan had posted this, wouldn’t you see the “Delete” option on both his and Mig’s posts?

    And I agree – I wish Randy was my dad (please do not confuse that with “I wish my Dad was randy”)

  5. I really wish people would research things before forwarding them and posting them all over the internet.

  6. Pretty sure tempest is a female lol, probably gay… So going to guess she does not have a penis Aaron.

  7. Who calls their son Tempest?!

  8. lol, nice one dad (Randy) You oughta know, you raised her.

    I hope Tempest is a female offering free advice to males on how to woo a girl otherwise, tempest needs to slap his mamma.

  9. @Fairy
    that was my first thought. He’s either from a family of weirdos or he decided to become a weirdo and engineer a weird name for himself. Either way, from the way he talks… He’s a weirdo.

  10. R.E Tempest, I am fairly convinced he chose that name for himself. I have a friend who renamed himself ‘Ember’ to pull girls. When asked why he is called Ember, he will respond that it is because he is ‘hot for you.’ There are other related chat-up lines but he won’t tell me them anymore, I laughed too much at the first one.

    I don’t believe many parents would call their child Tempest. Then again, Drew Peacock.

  11. The fact that it was submitted 6 minutes after his little zinger, and the fact that people have been known to photoshop the delete buttons out before submitting to this site in the past, and the fact that his comeback was really, really weak led me to believe he submitted it. I honestly don’t really know, or care, if he did. He’s a dumbass either way.

  12. Yeah Aaron I agree, that works for me every time

  13. I like turtles.

  14. Is Suzanne the real life version of Christine (in New Adventures of Old Christine)? It all makes sense if you think about it.

  15. bababooeybababooey

    Tempest – Sex pest

  16. Tempest’s post reminds me of this video

  17. Candles make her “less willing to resist sex”? So…they’re the MagikRape candles I saw on an infomercial last night.

  18. @tfletch: Your post reminds me of this video

  19. Gotta take Suzanne’s side on this one.

  20. Brian is a beast.
    Why did Lamebook blur the license plate? We can be heroes!
    Brad happens to be a rapist, I have an interesting story about him and I.
    Randy needs to be my father.
    Sensible Madness, you’re right. Johnathan’s comeback was really unfunny.
    And Aaron speaks the truth.

  21. @Fenring Me too. My gym is overfilled with bitches and their new year’s resolutions. It’s extremely irritating to go to a crowded gym.

  22. “less willing to resist sex”? That’s concerning.

  23. Beanstalker, the plate number is allegedly 98B351. If you google it, you’ll quickly learn it’s a hoax.

  24. Wait, wait, wait. Tempest is a dude?

  25. yes, i am a guy. yes, that is my post.

  26. Well it’s censored here, but I’m sure Aaron can see the the picture to tell that Tempest is in fact male.

  27. what the fuck’s a rape van?

  28. Omg zac lmao that’s so bad I have to laugh :p and also touche, aaron

  29. HAHAHA Aaron FTW, clearly.

  30. istolethisaccount

    Aaron the genius 12 year old strikes again lol

  31. worst_episode_ever

    less willing to resist sex… maybe brad should light some candles in his rape van

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