Friday, July 6, 2012

Meet Ronald

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  1. Man, a guy that brings you chocolate and shit is hard to find

  2. “Cum to ur census.”
    Is that like, jerk off to your population count?

  3. I question making someone “shower in my iffection” Does he mean affection or infection?

  4. Fake.

  5. This guy is horny.

  6. All of this could’ve been avoided if she’d just answered the census.

  7. ^ Not just answer the census, but cum to him reading the census to her.

  8. Any guy that offers to bring a girl shit is a keeper. I wonder if he’s still single?

  9. Katrina is a lucky girl. She gets to shower in his iffection…
    Or maybe she’s really, really unlucky.

  10. Katrina is a really wild party girl. You should have seen the crazy antics she pulled in New Orleans.

  11. Um, yeah, I was there for Hurricane Katrina. Not funny.

  12. That guy puts the sexy in dyslexia.

  13. Strange, his profile pic does not look like that of mentally retarded person. Actually, yeah it does.

  14. jacqbone, does that mean you weren’t smart enough to evacuate a city which was below sea level, had levees no had paid attention to in who knows how long and had a hurricane heading straight for it?

  15. Oooh and he’s waiting patently.. so I guess there will be lotsa cash coming in from the royalties? Thats gotta pique her interest.

  16. Hurricane Katrina = funny, you slut.

    I didn’t think it was funny when all you received gov’ment cheese and free trailers.

  17. Wow, you guys need to quit talking shit when you know nothing about it!!! They DIDN’T KNOW Katrina was heading straight for New Orleans until it was too fucking late to send out the evacuation notices. I would know, since I lived an hour-and-a-half away. But you wouldn’t dare research that, just spout out a bunch of sharp-tongued bullshit. Everyone loves to get so fucking brave when they think they have full anonymity. Why don’t you go ahead and make fun of African-Americans, Asians, and Jews since you love alienating people so much. Hide behind your fucking internet and talk shit; keep it up. And just for the record, you aren’t as anonymous as you might think you are…

  18. I feel like you’re new to the internet, jibby. The internet is offensive because people are sort of terrible. But if you can’t handle that, maybe you should leave.

  19. Ok, I will start.
    1)What do you get when you cross an African American and an octopus? I don’t know but it can pick a shit load of cotton!
    2) sprash…sprash…sprash sprash sprash…..SPRASH! – Asian water fight.
    3) a Jew walks into a bar and says damn, I got a big nose and I ain’t paying for shit….sorry, don’t know any good Jew jokes.
    *hides behind internet

  20. hackinyoshit, don’t forget what Trayvon taught us:

    Never take Skittles to a gun fight.

  21. Why not? They’re fun to eat while watching the people kill each other.

  22. oh noes. I’m not as anonymous as I think I am?
    yeah, well I’m behind, like, 7 proxies, bitch.
    why so mad, jibbyfubby?

  23. Laila, saying the internet is offensive and people are “sort of terrible” is like saying, when I drink, I drink in moderation. You’re being modest….and jibby, it’s not like we all think we’re completely anonymous or anything…I pretty much put myself right the fuck out there…I’m NOT hard to find, for reals, and all that…and maybe since we all love alienating people so much you can just piss right the fuck off you kike!

  24. Jesus, I just came back too many pages and read this shit, and I gotta say that’s one of the best Jewish jokes I ever read, hack. Two thumbs up.

    Love this line from jibby: “just spout out a bunch of sharp-tongued bullshit…” Really? And love the ellipsis at the end after your anonymous statement that makes us shake in fear at our impending doom. OH MY!

    *quickly jumps behind msanne’s proxies.

  25. stfu jacqbone that Katrina joke was funny. You may have gotten hit by the Hurricane but here in Houston we had to deal with the aftermath of criminals moving in. No joke, once the Katrina victims moved to Houston our crime rate skyrocketed.

  26. jacqbone: it’s called humour. Live with it. World is a dark place with diseases and natural disasters, it’s easier to live if you can joke about it and not get butt-hurt about everything.

    As for the post, people who write like this should be banned from the internet.

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