Friday, July 6, 2012

Wanted Man Taunts Cops on Facebook

Michael Shane Hagger, who has three warrants issued for his arrest, wrote ‘hoo rah’ in response to a message on the Tauhara Paetiki Neighbourhood Policing Team’s Facebook page calling for information about his whereabouts.

Full story here.

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  1. hoo rah

  2. What’s with the description below where they just repeat exactly what everyone can see? Really? Is that what happened? Fucktards.

  3. What’s with the fake below where they just repeat fakely what everyone can fake? Really? Is that what faked? Faketards.

  4. ^ Watched too much Smurfs as a kid, did you?

  5. No smurfing way, mothersmurfer!

  6. Is that a HORSE in his profile pic??

  7. ^no, it’s his girlfriend.

  8. ^He’s a kiwi so, both probably.

  9. ACAB

  10. 1213

  11. ^you gotta stop generalising like that.

  12. like what? like a dyslexic?

    *1312, dammit.

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