Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fifty Shade of…

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  1. This was actually pretty good.

  2. That’s gotta hurt.

  3. This was actually pretty fake.

    That’s gotta be fake.

  4. Seriously your an idiot T1000. No one cares if you think something is fake. Its ment to be funny so shut up already, it’s really not necessary for you to comment on every picture about how fake it is. We can all assume you think everything is fake.

  5. ^ dude you need to get laid. I fucked Olivier.

  6. ^ dude? I’m a chick.

  7. And who is Oliver?

  8. Awwwwe 🙂 hes sounds like. a grate Friend!!!!? <3 <3 <3 <3 <2

  9. Hmmmm you must be on your period. I’ll be over to fuck you in a few hours. I’m going to fuck Brian first.

  10. I wonder if Brian knows that the novel is made out of vagina flaps.

  11. T1000IsReal, you do not know my true power.

  12. I’m just curious, is there anyone over 14 in this thread?

  13. Also, you are using hashtags in a comment and do not know of 9. Clearly, you are fake.

  14. modern.warfare.chick

    This is actually pretty funny. I would read that book

  15. Oh really, I would of never guessed you of all idiots would call me fake! I’m in shock.

  16. @12: Says the guy who uses a hashtag (Retard move #1), AND it says “fakeassbitch” (Retard move #2).

    Yeah, no. And ignore sexci… she’ll go away. It’s some other tard’s 2nd (or 3rd, 4th 5th…) login they use to stir everyone up.

  17. Ok now I know there is noone over 14 on here. Enjoy your summer vacations kiddos.

  18. Oh yes, spoken from a true 14 year old. Your stupidity is nothing. Nothing!

  19. modern.warfare.chick

    ^only if I get to stay in and watch cartoon network all day and stuff McDonalds into my obese face

  20. modern.warfare.chick

    shit meant for #17

  21. Understood, MWC. Your allegiance is welcome.

  22. I just came. #hashtag

  23. #stickthisupyourhashholeretard

  24. carlosspicyweiner

    @22 well, clean it up.

  25. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    fuck me sideways, bunnei is back. It truey is a sad day.

  26. ^ truey.



  27. Tried that a few times to see how I liked that word and hey, I’m gonna be conterpointing all the “FAKES!” with TRUEY from now on, forever, or until it gets as boring as all the FAKES

  28. Truey!

  29. Fake!

  30. Toonces1000 will love the “fake vs. truey” fight.

  31. Kids……

  32. I fucking hate this shit.

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