Monday, March 16, 2020

Final Destination

Haha wow what a great post! Sorry we’ve been reading lots of daily affirmations. Follow @lamebook on instagram! We need this!

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  1. Is that supposed to be a joke? We’ve all seen the post and it’s from a Sylvia Browne book.

  2. @Ripley I don’t think it’s a joke. Some idiot’s just confusing this with another book where stupid people are claiming Dean Koontz “predicted” the coronavirus. Even though in that book the only thing that’s even remotely related to the coronavirus is that it came from Wuhan.

  3. Yeah I’ve read the Dean Koontz book, that’s why this just seemed stupid to me. Oh well, it wouldn’t be Lamebook without an awful post. Now we’ll see it 60 times.

  4. So Ripley– you’re telling me your primary interest in lamebook is the fact that it’s got the word book in it — and you like to read?

    OK, BOOMER..

  5. karenpolice = lamebookpolice

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