Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Folkin’ Embarrassing

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  1. really?

  2. I guess so. And the first one is funny..the other two I actually would sort of expect…

  3. So first Granny says he’s so “Hansom” (lol) then says he’s ugly. LMAO. I thought it was cute.

  4. Anyone else glad that their grandparents are all dead so they can’t post shit on your wall? Me too.

  5. Grandma knows she has to pimp out that ginger fug starting now, cuz it just gets worse and worse as they get older.

  6. Diana sounds like a nudist at heart – though LB should still blur her photo some…

  7. Aww come on dina, give the gingers a break.

    I think Lamebook have purposely kept Diana’s photo unblurred to give her a helping hand meeting some other nudists. Have we some here?

  8. I actually think the ginger is cute, from what I can tell. Then again, I have a thing for bright red hair. I dye mine red. 😀

  9. What the crap is lame about the gingers photo?

  10. @wiffles.

    It’s not the photo it’s the grandmother’s comment that is embarrassing. Read it! Poor guy.

  11. Grandma is a great wingman.

  12. Clearly Reinwald didn’t graduate high school. “This is how he DRESSED every Sunday when he goes to church.” dresses* “Isn’t he just Hansom?” handsome* “Would’t” wouldn’t* “but it is not his outword appreance that counts.” outward appearance* “Any young women would be blessed to have him.” woman* “All though I think he is to young to be having any steady girl friends yet.” although* too young*

    It’s pretty sad how someone who is most likely 70+ years old can make that many errors in just a few sentences.

  13. @jbigs You are a grammar dikk

  14. @jbigs I’m pretty sure that an elderly person stops giving two fucks about Grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. They’d be fools if they did. Although, I can see you’re one of the few that will.

    Hawkbit, I agree. The first one wasn’t TOO predictable. Two and three were.

  15. I’m really concerned about Melaine spelling her name wrong.

    My name’s Melanie and I recently spelled it wrong in an email that went out to two of my professors. Melaine.

    Of course, her name might just be Melaine but that would be stupid.

  16. Heh! Full disclosure, I am a redhead myself … so I get to make ginger jokes, right? It’s like how only Jews are allowed to make Holocaust jokes.

  17. @jibby you’re a moron. Most of the fuck-ups weren’t any of the above mentioned; they were spelling errors. I don’t believe that once you hit a certain age you suddenly forget how to spell.

  18. why would you nan have facebook LOL? and the first post that girls mum is a bitch lol.

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