Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Double F*cked

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  1. All I can think of right now is that creepy “Ass to ass!” old guy from Requiem for a Dream.

  2. Gah! Why did she admit she was searching for that!? She should have blamed it on a “hacker.” And really, Lamebook? Build in video ad overlays? Grr!

  3. brandi is so stupid

  4. kinda doubting this authenticity. and wasn’t something like this already posted recently?

  5. yeah, since you have to click on the status button and then click in the thing to type, i have a hard time believing she didn’t know where she was typing that. and who types “image” in their search anyway?

  6. I CalL FAKE on this one. she just wanted attention

  7. and this post has 78 likes? it’s as fake as hell

  8. Brandi should have just called me. I have tons of pictures like that in my kids photo albums.

  9. benladen is so stupid.

  10. Maybe it was a family member? Who knows.

    Jonjones is so stupid.

  11. My honor is insulted and I will have satisfaction sir, you have brought a fisticuffs challenge upon yourself.

    This is fake, but it’s not for attention, I’m assuming she’s advertising.



    OMG, is this not craig’s list? I’m so sorry, but I can’t figure out how to delete this, I guess the only thing to do is wait and hope no one replies…

  12. If i were her friend, i’d send her a couple links.

  13. No one is that stupid. Actually I take that back, people are morons, but I find it hard to believe someone could mistake Facebook for fucking Google, since she’d have to actually hit ‘post’ for it to post. Just hitting enter wouldn’t do anything.

  14. At least she has good taste in porn.

  15. This is fake as hell but HEY who doesn’t love some ass-to-ass.

  16. @lllllb,
    This might be fake, but people really are this stupid. Remember the dumb dad who used his Facebook status box to search for Meg Ryan porn? Same kind of thing as this, but it was a lot funnier than this one, and it was genuine.

  17. I am ashamed at what the Internet has done to me. Oh my, oh my, whatever shall I do?


  18. What does NSFW stand for?

  19. Lets hope for all humanity that it is fake

  20. Not safe for work.. Siighhh


    And it might not be fake. The delete button isn’t very visible. You can’t find it unless you hover over the post and it’s just a tiny gray “x”. If this dude isn’t familiar with Facebook it’s possible he can’t figure it out.

  22. Its fake. because when you make a status. you have to hit submit. you cant just hit ‘enter’ and it posts.

  23. sorry have hit ‘share’ you wouldnt hit ‘share’ if you were searching for something. that is why it is fake

  24. Also, where are like “like” buttons beside each comment? And if you look at the time stamp “3 minutes ago” it’s not in line with the others – clearly ‘shopped.

  25. kudeux: Liking each individual comment is still fairly new, this could have been submitted to LB before it was introduced.

    I think it’s more likely to be one of Brandi’s friends/family who got access to her account because she didn’t logout. It’s definitely not a genuine mistake, cos someone called Brandi would not be that unfamiliar with facebook that they wouldn’t know how to delete a status.

  26. Ok maybe it’s due to the nature of the post but when I squint my eyes a little looking at Brandi’s blurred photo, I just kind of see a man having a wank. Anyone else?

  27. a man with a very furry package maybe…

  28. curly, I can sort of see it too. A nice furry pixelated wank.

    A double sides dildo would be so much fun it was like those Chinese finger torture devices. The harder to try to escape, the tighter it gets, and more it hurts. You have to butt fuck each other to escape.

    Oh, and relax the sphincter, for God sakes. Think of puppies and rainbows whilst you push against the other.

  29. ok, that one was butchered. The first bit, anyways.

    A double sided dildo would be so much funner if it was like…*

    The harder you try to escape..*

  30. @Keona – really? Do you not remember me? Stop typing dirty stuff or I’m on my way. Do you think our picture would show up in that search?

  31. Anyone here googled that after seeing this? 🙂

  32. almightyelemental

    I couldn’t help myself…I feel so ashamed.
    But on a randomly hilarious note, the first result in Google Images is the Nazi Eagle.

  33. why you be saying i’m stupid?

  34. saddam hussein sex video

  35. oh no! ignore the above comment i thought it was the google toolbar is there anyway i can delete that post??????

  36. This could very well be my favorite Lamebook status ever. HAHAHA

  37. i have to agree with comment #1. all i can think of is the same thing too- the creepy old guy, saying “ass to ass!” all slow and geezer- like. *shudders* gross!!!

  38. You guys have it all wrong. In Requiem For A Dream, the pervert shouts out “head to head”, not “ass to ass”.

    Sheesh, get your pron references right already!

  39. Actually, I watched Requiem for a Dream just today, and he definitely says “ass to ass”.

  40. My question is, if she thought it was the google tool-bar..WTF was she googling that for lol

  41. @40, that’s the point you dipshit.

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