Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just a Little Win

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  1. I need more drugs.

  2. Levitation doesn’t need to be invented and that “dear Santa” thing is old as dirt. Lamebook is lame. This is why people aren’t donating, no big loss if this site goes belly-up.

  3. Steve’s is stolen from some show on Adult Swim. can we get some original content up in this bitch?

  4. The whole cat-and-buttered-toast thing is probably older than Adult Swim, so both Steve and Cartoon Network stole it from somewhere else. Either way, it’s far from original.

  5. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Shouldn’t it be Toast-Legged cats that levitate?

  6. Working in design, I agree with Kevin. Having seen MTV, I also agree with Brittney.

  7. I really love the full screen video ad that lamebook is now using.

  8. Steve’s joke is about 30 years over done.

    Not the car part, but the other part. The car part was just stupid.

  9. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Or what happens if you just duct tape two cats back-to-back and drop them?
    … Or butter both sides of the toast.

  10. I have an even better idea, DUWSB: Duct tape two cats face-to-face around Keona’s head. Granted, we won’t be defying any known laws of physics, but it would probably shut her up.

  11. Good job lamebook.

  12. What a great idea, Soup.

  13. Steve, jesus, stop.

    Brittney, you are a cumb dunt.

  14. Logic has just given you a thought, huh? Well if you attach the cat backs to your car, your car will obviously land on the cat feet. And if you attach the cat feet, it will obviously land on the buttered cats backs. So logically Steve, FUCK OFF!!!!!

  15. Mmmmmmm.. Butter-back cats..

  16. Well then

  17. Yeah, good one Steve…I’ve been hearing the butter toast, cat joke for about 15 years. Real original.

  18. @Soup, I don;t know what the fuck your problem with me is, and I don’t really care. I’m similar to a troll, in that, you can hate me, but I’m coming onto a site no matter what. You may as well give up. It’s the internet. Its words. No one cares.* Not a troll, in that I don’t start shit for fun. I don’t even start shit. I make comments. Kindly suck my tits and fucker off. 🙂
    This goes to anyone else who doesn’t like me. I’m always going to be here. Give up, you pathetic obsessed, hate filled douches.

    Except suicide girl, may she rest in pieces soaked in drugs.*

    Buttered pussies.

  19. Christ. What will it take? I’ve got no idea. She is completely impervious.

  20. And a raving lunatic. Keona, the meds you’re on don’t work.

  21. @Nexus – Leave her alone. You wanna fuck with someone? I’ll send you my address.

  22. That’s right nexus, give. the fuck. up. Jesus. It’s fucking pathetic that a few of you choose to attack certain users, who are just trying to comment like the rest of you fucks.

    I don’t care of my jokes are lame, or what you think of me. I’m here forever. Get it yet? No, probably not…probably not ever.

    I’d say you’re the lunatics for being bullies to someone who minds their own business. I’m reacting now, because this is going on too long, and too far.

  23. I think everyone who is fighting on here is the same person D:

  24. Keona’s like an annoying energizer bunny, she’ll never stop. Someone take away her batteries.

  25. keona it is really lame that you’ll be on this site forever, but i guess this is lamebook

  26. All the haters are like annoying idiotic energizer bunnies. They’ll never stop. Pathhteeticcc.

  27. All the haters are like annoying idiotic energizer bunnies. They’ll never stop. Pathhteeticcc.

  28. Dear Steven,

    Welcome to 2005.

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