Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Employees in the Hood

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  1. meh

  2. Yawn. More stupid shit from idiots who think they’re funny. Post actual LAME entries and not TRY TOO HARD entries or GTFO.

  3. not really funny

  4. I don’t know the reference song they’re getting at, but since you guys understand it and call it crap, I’ll take your word and agree.

  5. The USDA (instead of NWA)line cracked me up.

  6. i don’t like it when people rhyme the same word. “side” and “side” do not rhyme, dumb rebecca. however, i think angello does deserve props for the USDA thing.

  7. Oh! Oh! Let me try a rap about working at my place of employment.

    Sittin’ in my office all alone
    Surfin’ the internet bored to the bone
    Check out lamebook, it’s sure to be a treat
    It’s a bunch of stupid shit – I’m about to freak!

  8. That is hilarious. Classic, old school Eazy E. Once again, I think that most people who read lamebook are weirdos… at least the ones who comment are.

  9. Jose and his friends are awesome. Clearly there are some youngsters here who can’t appreciate Easy E, but I would think even they would know the rock cover of this number by Dynamite Hack.

    Jesus, you whiners must’ve had a rough holiday. This shit is free entertainment.

  10. This is GREAT.

    Don’t comment if you don’t know what song is being parodied here! You’ll just sound ig’nant.

  11. ozdaddy, shegas, dawn

    quick! jump in this fountain, your wrinkles are showing

  12. onnepeutjamaisquitterlesromains


    Hey! You are so dumb, really, really dumb, for real. (no seriously though, you’re fuckin’ stupid)

    There, you can’t have been in diapers when that reference first went down.

  13. OMG! somebody on a jokesite called me dumb for not knowing the timestamp of a hip hop line/ song quote.

    My life will never come to anything after this. I am doomed. Woe is me.

    Why don’t you use the name you commonly use # 12, if you’re going to insult me don’t be a coward about it.

  14. onnepeutjamaisquitterlesromains

    No, you’re dumb because you thought it was witty to make fun of other people for the fact that they could get a reference that *you* couldn’t.

    I registered just to insult you. You think you have an admirer following you around or something? God, you’re lame.

  15. onnepeutjamaisquitterlesromains

    D’accord, je te rigole. Ouais, je suis le même Pepe que tu connais.

    Mais j’ai créé ce surnom vraiment pour tu insulter. 😉

  16. If you read this with a retard voice, afterwards you can think “wow, that special ed class did a pretty good job with the ‘team make-it-your-own assignment'” and then carry on with the rest of your day with a warm fuzzy feeling.

  17. Some parts sucked; I agree angelo had the best line

  18. onnepeutjamaisquitterlesromains


    Woah, I tried that and you’re right.

    If you think that’s funny, this link shall make you soil yourself.


  19. antixmas you should have listened to Dawn of the Dan. Now look what happened 😉

  20. missbaker I totally agree with you about people rhyming the same word. Some sort of wierd pet peeve for me, eg Kid Rock’s All Summer Long:

    “And we were trying different things
    We were smoking funny things”

    Drives me nuts! I realise it is not something to get that worked up about, but hey, we all have our issues right?

  21. You guys are picky, this was great

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