Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday TypOhs!

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  1. I just cried a little.

  2. Hi, Lamebook.

    TypOhs!..yeah.. they aren’t funny, lame or amusing. They are just sad, look at poor stever.

  3. I don’t think urethra was a typo.. I think she thinks it’s actually spelt that way.. O.o

  4. Damn white bitches.

  5. katha is so dumb, same with ke$ha

  6. Meh

  7. I’m also tired of these typo posts. Sure, some of them were probably funny but most of the time they’re not.

  8. 1. What are military bunny boots?
    2. I want to kill Daniel for being just as stupid and annoying as Patti (seriously, “deleting” memories? Freud is rolling in his grave)

  9. These posts are so bad that stever didn’t even do his traditional “STEEEEEEVEERR” line. =(

  10. I retract that, albeit too late to retract how stupid I look.
    Wrong one. It’s steeever I’m thinking of.

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