Friday, April 16, 2010

Jesus’ Fish

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  1. BURN

  2. Lame come back really.

  3. Noice!

  4. yourmotherfucker


  5. Great comeback. Jesus will never look at his tat without thinking of Victor and his penis.
    That’s a win!

  6. What the hell is that?? Is it some kind of fish or something??

  7. That’s never a fish!!

  8. Boring.


  9. wow… lame tat… lame penis joke… lame comeback… lame comeback… now we just need some lame comments… oh, we already have some Ben comments… mission accomplished of total lameness

  10. It a penis fish.

  11. We haven’t reached the lameness of someone asking what Ben means yet… 🙂

  12. lol

  13. What is that tattoo even supposed to be? I’ve been looking at it for almost a minute now, and although I’m definitely not seeing a penis, I’m not seeing any distinguishable shape…

  14. Miss Information

    Vic’s penis fish tat. Very phallic art.

  15. i like in the title he uses text lingo to add length to a word… thats retarded… just mah two cents

  16. pwned!

  17. what slimjayz said.

    this page is so lame i can’t even be bothered to make my own comment.

  18. I wonder if he tatooed a fish just because his name is Jesus and he therefore should share the bread and fish to all people.

    (Ok – weird conclusion)

  19. Cannot believe he got a tatt of a fish that actually resembles a cock quite a bit. What a dick; surely he would’ve made that realisation! >’.'<

  20. After a second look, it does resemble a penis! Couldn’t see it at first. Still, nothing Lamebook worthy about it.

  21. really? meant to be a fish? hmmm

  22. If you push it, it could look like a penis, but why does it always have to go there?
    Poor Jesus. After all he’s done for us (dying on the cross, water into wine etc) and all he gets is a penis joke out of it.

  23. You like fish dicks?

  24. @23 hehe, Kanye does

  25. Whats the whole ‘ben’ thing about

  26. Im just kidding.. Im well aware of ben.. I just had to add to the lameness

  27. I don’t know what Ben is and I don’t care.

    There have been a lot of Jesus’s on lamebook lately..
    That’s not a great fish tattoo, I hope he gets it coloured to emphasize it’s fishiness and avoid confusion.
    It looks like a penis among fine linen, which makes it the best looking penis I’ve ever seen.

  28. Best of Ben Vol. 3.

  29. the weird thing about the “fish” tattoo, is that it not only looks like a dick, but a double-ended dick (the nob on the right looks like your looking at a dick side-on)

  30. First thing I thought was “Is that a dick?”. The artist FTW.

  31. Poor Victor I would imagine giving him a BJ would be quite complicated what with all that ribbon nonsense surrounding his penis

  32. It would have been better if Victor he didn’t agree that his penis was small. but still, this is lame.

  33. i love malteaser too

    lol lol

    Malteaser’s lols are the shining beacon in this jungle of dullness that is Ben and Frodo and pool jokes. I <3 malteaser. Mwahs.

  34. i think it’s supposed to be a coy fish but he didn’t have the money to finish the scales and color. lots of people get the tattoos because they are a symbol of good luck.

  35. ^^ I think it may actually be a demure fish… 😉

  36. Lots of peole get tattoos cuz they’re drunk and stupid. They get penis tattoos cuz they’re drunk, stupid and gay.

  37. Gay; Meaning Happy.

  38. Of course

  39. Victor should go to the doctor looks like he has warts.

  40. I feel like making a facebook page called ‘I anticipate Malteser’s lols on Lamebook’ but even i wouldn’t join it. Sorry Malt.
    Can i call you that? Malt?

  41. i love malteaser too

    ^^^ Its malteaser. Grrr. I mind the typo here.

  42. I want to hold them like they do in Texas please
    a little gambling is fun when you’re with me…I love it!

  43. Christina.Willemina

    BAH! Penis fish.

  44. She said Penis lol

  45. Why does that penis have an eyeball? It must be Inspector Penis. dum dumdum dum dum, Inspector Penis, dum dumdum dah dah. Go go Penis Ribbons!!

  46. Go go Gadget Dick. Just imagine the possibilities you could have with that! That one could mow the lawn.

  47. wow… it’s just… less than lame…

    When does ‘i love malteaser too’ turn into an obsessed fan?

    British Hoboette is an actual partner, but I anticipate other new fans to crop up soon in copycat admiration =P

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