Friday, April 16, 2010

Boozin’ and Losin’

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  1. @naaice Thr title for this post is “boozin and losin” …think about that.

  2. @carmennnn well i got that part, obviously, but its like it was a photo post till Jenn came and crashed the party with her becoming a fan lameness

  3. I would not suck a dick for beer. However, I would consider it for really good weed regardless of what Bob Saget thinks.

  4. @fairlyodd: I would suck a dick or scissor for a Dos Equis…

    …but I would tie someone up and give them a full body tongue massage, teasing, nibbling, licking, swirling, trailing, blowing, and sucking them til they beg me to rape them like a AWOL death-row lifer who just stumbled across his first piece of ass in 25 years on the backwoods trail of a teenage gymnastics summer camp , lapping at their body like a hungry kitten laps and sucks the milk off their mothers teat, whilst performing autoerotic strangulation(or not if it isn’t preferable) then just as they are about to explode like an atom bomb I will finish it off by mounting that rock hard throbbing cock and riding it like a jackhammer on crystal-meth simultaneously squeezing and milking that bitch til my honeypot is dripping sweet nectar and salty man-lube and were both shaking like we were hit by a 7.5 for a Jose Cuervo!

    …For the worm your girl can get down and dirty too. 🙂

  5. Just wondering if that’s how Amy met Tony.

  6. @HeSaidWhat (#104):
    I wouldn’t doubt. Potato gun those kids out (*thwump* *thwump* *thwump*) and then razz him publicly on FB like that – it’s not too far of a stretch to imagine they met at the local watering hole.

  7. @nonnieyrissa Too much buddy…too much.

  8. @104 do you mean Tony sucked Amy’s dick for a beer? Funny..

  9. @carmennnn – It was sarcasm.

    @mass – Or maybe Amy is a mtf, Tony sucked her dick for a beer and the kids are adopted.

  10. A Dos Equis does sound good right now though. o.O

  11. Yeah mass, that’s what I meant.

    @Zoobert: From the sound of that conversation I would imagine the water was tainted

  12. @nonnie bad sarcasm

  13. Mmmmm… Turtles.

  14. I don’t get the Jenn one…

    and if you’d suck dick for beer, that’s like $4 worth, yeah? So you’d sleep with someone for, what, $15? I sense a business proposal…

  15. How was the last one posted AFTER the photo comments? Seems odd

  16. A year later?

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