Friday, April 16, 2010

Yo Teach!

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  1. I have one professor in my contacts and it is just because he sent me an invitation first and I thought it would be impolite not to accept him. now I have to hide because he keeps writing to me all the time and he seems to be really lonely…:/
    so yes, it is a bad idea to add your professor.

  2. @46: spot on. Matthew’s teacher sounds like a bitch who is prepping Matthew for that kind of job where you have to clock out and get permission to take a bathroom break. Doing anything without a break is a good way to burn out and render your time spent utterly useless. A break is healthy and necessary. From the sound of Matthew’s update, he was having a bad day and needed the break. But then, I don’t know him or his teacher.

    I sure wrote a lot about Matthew.

    Also, I approve of most of the Snorgtees advertisements on this site.

  3. Sandra’s hardly a bitch or asshole for doing her job. You know, that job she has as a TEACHER. To TEACH.

    Boo hoo. So you have to do a book report (seriously, if this takes you a long time, you have yourself a problem) over break. At least it isn’t on top of 6-8 hours of school. You still have time to relax.

  4. Sandra is my favorite.

    The end.

  5. Several of my teachers would have a rule that they would not accept students’ friend requests purely because of paranoia–yes, it shouldn’t be an issue, but the fact remains that it is. Once we graduated, they’d accept us just fine, in fact one teacher added me the evening of graduation because I got along very well with him in several clubs.

    And I’m still not seeing the teacher relation with Suzy’s status…maybe the fact that a small child doesn’t know the use of a word?

  6. @ noah
    its called a break for a reason… people plan vacations and trips over breaks… to assign work over them is fucked up… her job is to teach, but she can assign book reports any other weekend… And book reports vary greatly depending on how long the book is, difficulty of reading (Shakespeare is going to take longer to read than Of mice and men) and the depth of the report to write. A summery wont take long, but a look at symbolism would… your arguement is faulty so go fuck a flacid donkey

  7. “Buffet is my favorite food” Oh Sweet Jesus.
    Sandra also wins.
    I think it crosses some lines to have your students as friends, but since they are, she does a good job of reminding the kid that:
    1. It’s a public forum
    2. People can and will read your posts
    3. Will burn your ass if you don’t watch what you say.

  8. I gotta agree with the people who’ve said WHY would students and teachers add each other as friends unless they really are friends??

    @56 slim
    Perhaps a Shakespears book report is a little too much for a measly weekend?

  9. @mhn77

    week, weekend, or whatever time frame this teacher gave the report out for… and that was basically my point… some book reports could be done quickly and not impact a planned vacation, where others could be a large impact…. regardless, teachers that assign homework over breaks are fuck sticks

  10. Why do these people add their teachers and employers to their facebooks? Seriously! So not cool

  11. I agree, slim. Happy my homeworks days are behind me.

  12. A lot of schools have rules against their teachers and students being friends on social networking sites like facebook because of the drama/problems it could cause. I personally think if you’re graduated and you were friends with that teacher, why not? But otherwise it’s a little weird. Everyone would have to censor themselves and facebook is supposed to be more for friends than for teachers/co-workers. At least originally. If I’m going out and drinking on the weekends, that’s my business and not a coworker or a teacher. My friends can know because they were probably there, a sort of co-conspirator thing, but there’s some information I wouldn’t give out to everyone. And yeah, I know if they tried hard enough they could probably get it, and it’s the internet so nothing’s terrifically safe, but not being their friend and having a blocked off profile at least makes it a little harder.

  13. that’s lame- why would you add your teacher as a friend on Facebook?

  14. I’m a teacher (middle school) and all my kids want to add me on facebook. There’s not a rule against it at my school, but I make my own rule against it to prevent being accused of anything in the future. I tell all the students that I will not accept any friend requests from them until they graduate.

  15. Mark, good times. I <3ed my urban school. Never saw a pregnant 8th grader until I went to a school iN dA h00D

  16. that you mark for you splended outlook on education

  17. the that is supposed to be there… my lame attempt at urban school humor. And who the fuck says urban school?

  18. @tortugabay (26)

    That’s what they want you to think.

  19. They do it cuz they suck.

  20. I thought there was a rule that teachers weren’t allowed to add pupils? There is at my school…

  21. As a teacher, I have to say, there is not a chance I would add any of my pupils to my facebook – wouldn’t want them knowing what I get up to at the weekend!!

  22. God I wish more conversations started with “so my nigga Albert Einstein…”

  23. I don’t really get why people insist on adding teachers/family on facebook. I don’t really want my mom to be reading all the things I say to friends and what friends say to me and I’m not even one of those people saying: GETTING MAD DRUNK YOOO GONNA FUCK THIS BITCH CRAZY!!!

  24. tangalangadingdong

    OK. I’m a teacher. You’ll figure that out soon enough so I might as well get it out there.

    I got on FB a few years ago after I heard a piece on NPR about teachers who were using it to keep in touch with students. This is when it was still relatively innocent, you know, before it grew into the massive cesspool of idiocy and baseless self-aggrandizement that feeds LameBook.

    I used it to keep in touch with students, especially after they graduated. More often than not, students sent me friend requests, not the other way around. So I don’t see a problem with teachers on FB. (BTW: I’m not on it anymore; it’s a time suck. LB, however, is brilliant!)

    As for homework during breaks, or quizzes/tests on the last day before breaks:…WAAHHH…. cry me a river! You don’t do any work during the ‘school year’ because you’re all prepping for state tests, or out getting your braces tightened, or having a bad day, or texting in class, or at the big game, or sending pictures of somebody’s genitalia around on your cell phones. You won’t read what’s assigned. You won’t pay attention. You won’t talk about anything of substance. You don’t want to learn; you just want to graduate so you can get a job that allows you to do nothing, but still bring in enough money to pay for whatever SUV gets your juices flowing and buy the newest PS2 games.

    You’re in high school. You don’t know sh^*. When I was in high school, I didn’t know sh^*. Shut up and read. Shut up and listen. Shut up and learn.

    Have a super day!

  25. omg teacher rant WIN

  26. @ Slim

    Thank you for your good wishes on my second bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology. My ASL teacher assigned the book. 🙂

  27. @dingdong: Do you feel better now?

    If you’re going to have teachers or bosses on your facebook. At least save yourself some trouble and HIDE the fucking status from them! My boss is on my facebook, when I come home and want to talk about how big of a dick he has been, I happily type away because I know he can’t read my news feed.

    So then my nigga Albert Einstein came up wit dis shit called theroy of relativity. Erbody thinks dat dis nigga is crazy and try to knock this nigga ery chance dey get. Den my nigga Eddington helped prove that dis shit aint whack.

  28. @tangalangadingdong

    kids are playing ps3 or xbox360 these days so your outdated reference to ps2 is useless.

    As for the whole teachers friends with kids on facebook thing… I became friends with most of the teachers I was close with, of course thats past graduation. I think its kinda weird when still in school.

  29. @HeSaidWhat: Loving the “street’ talk ;P

    Fair enough adding a teacher you like, but why would you add a teacher you think is a bitch?!

    Also gotta love Sandra for correcting his grammar outside of school.

  30. 🙂 Word nigga

  31. I’m imagining that it was a teacher talking about Albert Einstein =P

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