Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday TypOHS!






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  1. ow yeah , and she reckons that her parents finding out is a lot worse than being a single mom without an education

    She must have horrible parents , ultra religious maybe ? That would explain about the gap in her biology knowledge.

  2. @46 Bry: Thanks for the pick me up! It is nice to know my comical thought actually held real meaning to someone and in a round about way made them feel better too. I have my doubts about what 2012 has in store for the planet Earth. But one thing i am sure of is that we as the Human race have over populated this planet. As a result more Humans are being born faster than what natural disasters can balance the numbers out. I believe for that reason we are fucked. I wouldn’t say exclusively 2012, but somewhere down the track definitely.

  3. #’s 35, 36, 46 & 52
    Human mitochondrial DNA evidence suggests there may have been a MASSIVE die-back (to a global population numbered in the low thousands) probably around the time the Yellowstone caldera last opened. It pops every 600000yrs or so (if I remember the details right) and it’s thought to be overdue now.
    Personally I’m hoping 2012 will turn out to be the “Whole New Ballgame” scenario rather than The Apocalypse – but I’d settle for it just signifying the Mayans need to work on a new calender . . .

    Anyhoo, that’s a bit of a digression – and here’s another.
    The origin of Tawera’s name puts me in mind of a quote from the *excellent* Maori movie “Once Were Warriors”

    Grace Heke: Why’s everything so black, Toot?
    Toot: Dunno – maybe cos we’re all bloody Maoris!

  4. calendar

  5. insert clever name here

    @50 shrudding…?

  6. @ #53. ‘die-back’? DO you mean a natural killing off? I’m sorry but that phrase alone has made it difficult for me to follow your statement. Two theories I have heard of is: ‘the world is going to end’ and ‘a major natural disaster will create a new beginning’. Last I heard no-one knows for sure whether the Mayan calendar means death to man-kind, or a new beginning. Either way someone needs to them up and ask them what the fuck they were thinking!

    “Attention restaurant customers! Testicles! That is all!”.

  7. What? No, no, they know for sure. 2012 haa little more significance than changing from December back to January. It’s like shitting your pants every new year… Okay, it’s like shitting your pants every new year for reasons unrelated to massive intoxication. The only thing that’s supposed to be special is the changing from the last elemental age, fire, to the new one, aether, or spirit. Does that mean we’ll all leave our bodies and become beings of pure energy? I don’t know, has mankind been on fire the past few thousand years?

  8. @anus have u evar heard of it getting out of the belly from surgery

  9. @Mirai Suenaga

    It’s called ‘Caesarean (American:Cesarean) section’ or ‘C section’ for short.

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