Thursday, February 4, 2010

Creepy Creepsters

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  1. I specifically avoided mentioning rape, because I don’t agree with the whole rape thing either. Orgies are, generally, not rape.

    And yes, I was using hyperbole for (attempted) humorous effect.

  2. Sex, drugs, and rock n roll.

    What a way to go!!!

  3. I’m a woman and I’m agree with Mike.

  4. Yeah, ok ‘Sensible’. I’d spend my last few hours trying to track down anything I could snort or smoke because those are the fine folks whose pock-marked and toothless faces I’d want to see last, and oh, the joy of throwing down random ass and taking what I want. Wait, why wouldn’t I just save time and rape the drug dealers? That would be sweeeet!

    And who wouldn’t want to die while high? Whenever I hear of someone who od’d I think ‘Wow, I wish I were that guy. I sure hope he raped someone before he bailed out.’

  5. Sorry Sensible. Didn’t realise you weren’t talking about rape. Though the killing was ok, so I’m not quite sure you’re off the hook.

    There was no hyperbole there. You went with your thoughts at the moment, just admit it.

  6. This is … LOL Who do I have to impress.

    I can sincerely say I have no desire to gun down anyone. Sounds gory, violent, and unpleasant. I have no interest in drugs, legal or illegal, but I could see myself polishing off a good deal of wine, since I don’t have to worry about a hangover the next day.

    I suspect I’d want to spend the day with my family, and all night long with my husband. There are times when I feel less sentimental, but I don’t vary that much. I’m really dull, and extremely happy with my life.

  7. You’re right Dee-Lite, as with everything else I’ve ever posted on this site, I was being 100% serious.

  8. lol i thought it was funny if that helps at all sensible?

    But then i’m also a woman who agrees with slimjayz when not many others seem to, so you might want to disregard my opinion anyway 😉
    And poor Andy 🙁 I think he sounds like a sweet kid.

  9. ahh, my last day on earth. Defiantly lots of sex, a good meal (my favorite is Parmesan crusted chicken) and I’d smoke a bowl. Not so much a fan of the raping, that’s kinda weird.

    Christopher’s CS class sounds like fun, I kinda miss college, but I was always hungover, so it’s all a blur.

    Poor Andy, he totally blew that one. Even if he liked the way her hair smelled, tell her when you’re alone together. Now she’s all freaked.

  10. Christ on a cracker

    Oh Mike, you amateur … That’s just my Thursday night.

  11. christopher’s post made me laugh so hard, and mike ftw

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    Let’s see if this gets moderated.

  13. All this talk of last days is kind of bumming me out. Where are my giggles people???

  14. I think Mike and Kevin’s friends counts are a little smaller today.

  15. Knifey McFivehead

    i think what we’ve learned here today is that murder is better than rape. sounds sensible to me.

    course if you’re freaking out and armageddon is armageddoning all around you, and you’re murdering people? what have you really got to lose? might as well rape the corpses or soon-to-be corpses. right?

    By the way, I’m Al Gore and I approve this message.

  16. @penny lane 47, that just sounds like any other day for me

  17. Why would you want to spend your last hours off your face and making people miserable? And, shit, I spend most days listening to music, so I might pass on spending my last day with Penny. Hmmm, doesn’t leave much else does it? Are you friggin kidding me people? Imagination is one of the last things you’ll have left – might try using it.

    Mike – It’s over bro. Genius

  18. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Well at least we know Kevin has his priorities straight.

  19. I think Alexis is a little wierded out and Mike is saying “It’s over bro” because Andy is in fact a Midget and Alexis is 6″ft tall!

  20. I’ve been trying to write a comment expressing my concern about all the rape desires but apparently no words can express just how fucked up it is

  21. It’s not rape, if you yell “surprise” first.

  22. @Beanstalker.
    Too funny, so many fights break out the next day.

  23. Never mind if Christopher had a laptop or not, who goes through the trouble of drawing a person naked then drawing a bikini on top of the picture?

  24. If it were my last day I would hunker down with my family, get busy with hubby one last time, hug and kiss my kids, bar the door, gun at the ready for the looters, smoke a big fattie, drink a bottle of wine or perhaps southern comfort and wait for the end.

  25. @yaya

    I’d do the exact same thing… except I wouldn’t do your hubby. Sorry, nothing against him, he’s just not my type. Well, maybe if he tucked in his shirt and combed his hair!

  26. Yaya, exact same thing, except I’m not as picky as mcowles, I’d do your hubby.

  27. Knifey McFivehead

    so women would rape too. that’s comforting.

  28. hahahahaha your hair smelled good???!!!!???!!!!!!
    too fkn right it’s over “bro” hahahaha

  29. C. Proseedcake KSC

    @Penny Lane: I believe the main function of a merkin is to conceal venereal diseases.

    On the post: Mike will get no love for saying what he has said, but he is absolutely right.

  30. I was told that people used merkins because pubic lice were such a hassle, so they shaved their pubic hair. Covering venereal lesions sounds just as likely.

    I am also disturbed by the folks who would rape on their last day. I wish less people were sexually excited by violence and causing others to suffer.

    On my last day I would eat really delicious food and go hiking/bird watching in the mountains. I am old and boring. In my youth, I would have eaten really delicious food and fucked all day long.

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