Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Prepped Parents

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  1. I thought it’s Jafar. (sp?)

  2. I’d like her to tell me why her 8 month pregnant ass was in a car running down the bd in the first place. There’s the second bad decision she’s obviously made

  3. @Cherry:
    Jafar + Wario = “Jafario”

    These people shouldn’t be allowed to have children.

  4. Forced sterilization nao

  5. What is a suburban that Autumn hit him with? English is my second language you know.

  6. sexclamationpoint56

    seriously that’s an awesome name for the baby lol. the next one should be bowserella if it’s a girl

  7. @jennifer000001

    LoL! Wario!! I totally forgot about him. So they already know their babi is gonna be a bad ass. LOLz

  8. @jr888 I presume it’s a name for some brand of SUV.

  9. Their third, and most precious child, should be named Donkey Peach.

  10. it actually took me a couple minutes to figure out what a “bd” was! I guess I need to bone up on my ebonics.

  11. bd? Birth dad?

  12. mitch080

    Baby Daddy

  13. Hahahahah donkey peach lol

  14. @9 But since they’re combining names, wouldn’t it be something like, Deach?

    I too, didn’t know what BD was. Soon, the Ebonics dictionary will be nothing but two to three letters with definitions beside them. It’s the building blocks of our foundation and future of a society.

  15. @#2 – he stole her phone so she hit him with her car. That’s allowed – she’s pregnant. Pregnant women are crazy sometimes.

    Jafario – holy fuck.

  16. #15 “Jafario – holy fuck.”


  17. bd=baby daddy…I’m assuming?

  18. If it’s twins, they could name the other kid Atario.

  19. Also, wasn’t “Fite Dis Felony” Public Enemy’s follow-up to “Fight The Power”?

  20. @ #15 – I think my question was a bit rhetorical. Wouldn’t you think someone’s 8 mos. pregnant ass should have been doing what responsible mothers-to-be do and not gunning down the bd?

  21. @teeko – My comment was a bit of a joke. No of course I don’t think she should be running down the dad. Hmmm better?

  22. nah…he probably deserved it. Autumn clearly is one bad assed bitch.

    I love Jake.

  23. I asked my Son what he thought of the name Jafario, but he didn’t find it amusing at all.

    Then again little Fuckapighardinthebum has never had much of a sense of humour.

  24. lol

  25. nobody’s going to mention how Jake mocked the spelling of “babi” and then spelt “Aladdin” wrong? I find that so annoying

  26. and no one mentioned that “spelt” is not a word. It’s spelled.

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