Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lil TMI…

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  1. Say what you will about wesley but I never had the balls to ask anyone to choke me out while beating me off!

    Takes guts

  2. Say what you want, I’m just looking for a baby to shit in my ear and then I’ll ejaculate in a kangaroo’s ass…

  3. I hate it when girls make comments about their ovaries. Someone I know said so and so can “suck my left ovary.” WHY???? That just sounds painful.

  4. Just because a man’s testicles didn’t have enough sense to stay inside, where it’s warm, doesn’t mean we can’t make jokes about our chick nuts.

  5. Wesley is just sick.

  6. That’s cool, I’m looking to recreate 2 girls 1 cup, anyone in?

  7. i resent that wesley’s post took me aback (just a tad), i thought i’ve heard it all by now.

  8. Susans post made me gag, mostly because for some reason, when I hear the name “Susan” I automatically assume she is in her 40’s and grossly unattractive…

  9. … and sings like an angel

  10. Putting it out THERE. Why do people have a hard time with there, their, and they’re? We learned this in middle school people.

    Did you forget all the basic rules of the English language?

  11. I am going to need english lessons from you grammar natzis soon, so I don’t look like a fool!

    Their = multiple posession right? Ex; Their cats
    There = more like a space? kinda like it’s THERE
    They’re = No clue

    Also Your You’re I am not very good at distinguishing between the two.

  12. @bucket
    They’re = a contraction for They Are ex: they’re going to the store (in place of they are going to the store)

    Also, who’s taking bets on Paul speaking from experience?

  13. Ah ha! that’s simple thanks

  14. ~Paul, stop lying; It tastes better and you fucking know it!
    ~Wesley, track down the girl who did the piss scandal with R. Kelly. Apparently, she didn’t struggle, cry, or protest in any way. She’s your only hope.

    ~Susan, er….good luck with that. I had a lame joke, and decided not to even bother.

  15. Ugh, I’ve heard the first one a billion times before, describing the merits of decaffeinated coffee. Of course, it’s usually a sister instead of a cousin.

  16. Also, how is “2mro” read as “tomorrow.”

    I can see “two-em-are-oh” or “two-myrrh-oh.” But…fuck it, I don’t care.

  17. I just said “but[t] fuck it.” Heh heh heh huh heh huh heh heh heh.

  18. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Heh heh.

  19. @_is

    It’s pronounced “two-mister-oh.”

  20. That’s just scary…my name’s Wesley, and I’m turning 25 on January 10th…that guy’s giving me a bad name.

  21. At least we now know how you intend to party, Wesley/yumekage.

  22. Damn, I really want to see whatever comments Wesley got.

  23. Looks like one of Wesley’s friends got into his account to me.

    But as far as fantasies go, that one doesn’t seem that bad. At least it’s only number one!

  24. Susan: Please don’t reproduce. The world can’t handle much more stupid, and you seem to have it covered anyway.

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