Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Even with Daughter

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  1. Yes, yes, she embarassed her daughter so much.

  2. Her daughter should be so embarrassed. That’ll teach her to practice safe sex.

  3. I think it’s her dad… See “Rick T”?

  4. What is this I don’t even.

  5. of course its her dad. he posted in on fb and tagger her. thats why shes embarassed. all of FB sees this pic. all her friends. everyone!

  6. Meh

  7. By the looks of the condom, it seems boyfriend took it off and finished on daughters face. Crazy kids.

  8. @7

    I was thinking either that or he shoots blanks.

  9. The EXACT same thing happened to me once. BF decided the condom was not enhancing his experience, he tossed it aside and we forgot about it. Later mom finds it and torments me for awhile…thank god it was pre-facebook era.

  10. Lol@ #7. That or she just swallows.

  11. could somebody hand rick t that father of the year award, please. he’s earned it.

  12. OR, she was practicing how to put condoms… (on a man, obviously)

  13. Man, this’ll teach my whore of a daughter to use a condom. Let’s hope she gets pregnant, THEN she’ll be embarassed.

  14. #13 (and #2 even though #2 had wrong gender of parent), I agree with both of you. Better to teach your child safe sex than to embarrass them for having safe sex. Though the condom doesn’t look like it has been used in the whole manner that it was supposed to. I would use this as a teaching experience rather than a form of embarrassment.

  15. I am just going to through this idea out there.

    I am assuming her and her parents have talked about safe sex. I am sure that they are very open about these things.

    The fact that he took a picture of the condom and posted it on facebook to embarrass her, shows that he is NOT mad she is having sex. That he KNOWS she is having sex and that he just wanted to give her a hard time.

    If a parent is going to post this and say… going to embarrass my daughter, lol…. they obviously have a close relationship where they are open to do these things.

    If he was actually mad that she was having sex, he would have said, “Found this in my daughters room, SHE IS SO GROUNDED AND NOT COMING ON FACEBOOK ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!”

  16. It’s a female condom. How does a person’s brain leap from “Oh, look. A condom.” to “He must have come on her face.”

  17. She should be embarrassed – she totally missed the clothes hamper.

  18. Brandy, you’re a smart one. You intended to wash away the evidence. Shame you couldn’t have thrown a bit farther. You’re not too handy with the old tug and toss, and your father has a good head on his shoulders; even if he is being hard on you. Not to mention being a huge dick.

  19. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Maybe she is one of those girls that fill a condom with water and freezes it to make a dildo. That would explain the lack of semen too.

  20. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    happyunicornjoy that’s a pretty straight thought process. I was going to comment on that but it’s been doe twice already.

  21. I can’t tell the different between a female and male condom, really. They look the same to me. Then again, I’ve never shoved one up my happy hole, either.

  22. It looks like a male one – I think female ones have a solid ring on them.

  23. Not as good as when my ex’s mum insisted on separating her rubbish bin for recycling and would then have a go at us for leaving condoms in the bin :S… After that I stopped tying a knot in them.. Fun times

  24. @22:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s a male condom. It looks like it’s got the reservoir tip on it. Wait, why am I trying to decipher what kind of condom it is? Who cares?

  25. dan_fargis_is_a_fag

    Anyone ever stop to think that it might be like a 24 year old daughter who’s still living @ home, and not some 16 yr old nymph? Not that it makes it any less awkward, but just sayin…

  26. this definitely sends a STRONG message about your daughter rick….she fucks

  27. the reservoir tip is untouched! I think daughter may have planted this there to actually fuck with her dad’s head.

  28. This says alot about his daughter. She’s got sense enough to be safe but she’s trashy enough to just leave it on the floor.

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