Monday, October 25, 2010

Not My Type

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Fucking a, dong.

  2. Kendra, you must be so proud. That guy’s a keeper.

    Diet vanilla cock though?? Is this another of those American things i’m missing out on 😉

  3. Does it count as a hilarious misspell when the ‘rude’ word it’s supposed to be isn’t even spelt how it is in the post?

  4. I think that Tammy meant exactly what she said. coke and cock aren’t even that close….

  5. Wondering how in the hell do you get a diet vanilla cock? Lots of low-fat milkshakes I guess.

  6. They seriously put #5 up? That’s just a frakking typo. Oh, yes, ha ha, it looks like “genital.” Giggle, snicker, and all manner of 5th grade merriment.

  7. Nah, Tammy meant what she wrote. It’s not a typo.

  8. What’s a shit gun?

  9. I get not being able to spell tae kwon do, but trenament?

  10. 1.Pokemon creatures rip each other apart with their teeth?
    2.Maybe he meant his daughter, and it was a special tournament for children, but that would still be more of a “tyke” kwon do.
    3.Men who make a big deal about guarding their daughters’ virtue are annoying.
    4.Hommade? Suprpising? I hate you.
    5.Many of the attorneys I have encountered in Georgia could be described as d**ks.

  11. @lametothemin

    it’s a “hilarious” typo. other than that, nothing.

  12. @wednesday

    How many dongs have you seen with teeth? :O

  13. I used to take tikewando….it was very retarted…since I don’t have a dong, I had to use a makeshift one. I was very embarrassed.

    Diet vanilla cock: Part of a balanced diet.

  14. American’s think of everything! Wish we had diet vanilla cock; I’m trying to watch my calorie intake.

  15. I prefer full-flavored vanilla cock myself.

  16. Cunting hell.

  17. wow i got a post awaiting moderation and the worst thing i put in there is “dumbass”

  18. It took me forever to figure out what “shit gun” was supposed to mean… That was an incredibly lame one. The typos are really only funny if there is a comment making fun of their mistake. Otherwise its just a typo…

  19. @lexluther Did Cory not intend to type “dog fight?”

  20. lexluther: 🙁 I was hoping that wasn’t the case. “Hilarious,” indeed. I can’t even figure out what he was trying to say. A shirt gun? Shit ton? Wha???

  21. I named my Dong Blastoise, nothing like using a cannon to win the fight.

    Shit gun? That sounds like an extremely messing but effective deterrent. Then again, brains are pretty messy too when they are blasted all over the place.

  22. any ladies looking for a vanilla cock, i’ve got 12 fl oz.

  23. shit gun = shot gun?

  24. Ah buds that’s no good. Needs to be “diet” 🙁

  25. Freudian slips make me giggle

  26. AHHHHH Shot gun! I’m a retart [sic].

  27. I would take a bolt action rifle over a shot gun any day if I were to protect my daughter, because it’s only common sense that the boy will try to run away. Shot guns are for CQB. That way I can rest assured I will hit my target from one end of the block to the other.

  28. I forgot to post on the others, oh dearie me..Kendra, no.
    Genetal of Georgia…huh, I wonder what my state would be. Teebag of Tennessee?

  29. On the topic of Vanilla Cock, that shit is pretty much impossible to get hold of over here. I always have to get my fix when I’m over in America, or else I have to pay over the odds on some dodgy website online.

    But damn, it’s worth it.

  30. I’ve got a special on vanilla cock, of both the diet and full-flavour versions. Vote for me to be Attorney Genital this Erection Day

  31. dddtl you just made my fucking MONTH!!!

  32. Oh and ROTFL @ buds too!!! Surrrrrre ya do! 😉

    I prefer extra-fattening vanilla cock myself. Who the fuck wants a skinny cock?? Though even still, I prefer chocolate cock myself. 😉

    (I tried and tried to find a way to make that clever pertaining to flavors of soda and “flavors” of cock but not surprisingly my brain started to hurt, so I just threw it out there lamely.)

    Also, I’m ashamed that I couldn’t figure out what “shit gun” was supposed to be until I got to girlalive’s comment.

    And… dong fight sounds MUCH more entertaining (not to mention humane) than dog fight. 😛 Probably a good afterparty too!

  33. But why would he need a shotgun already, unless he lives next to pedobear?
    Shelley, the afterparty at a dongfight sounds like just your kind of party, if I have read you correctly.

  34. Hahaha. It seems you have. Damn! 🙁

  35. Vanilla cock with vanilla ice.

    The perfect symbiosis.

  36. I remember there was once an amusing comedy of errors that was instigated by a humorous spelling mistake.

    I was trying to RENT out my FLAT and so i put an advert in the local shop window, imagine my embarrassment and chagrin when it transpired i’d actually put up a notice reading:

    Attention! Cheap rates! 2 Bedrooms!! Rape my Flange!!

    Boy did we laugh?!….no, no we didn’t.

  37. Sounds like Cory The Mwean can’t wait to whip out his dong, go to Jamaica, and poke-a-mon.

  38. @dddtl Very clever!!!

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