Wednesday, December 9, 2009

From the Rough


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  1. Nguyen must have a sense of humour. Me like.

  2. @Sensible Madness: you, sir, are my hero for this month.

  3. Sensible Madness’s madness was sensible! And entertaining!!!

    @ #’s 38 & 37: I don’t see the Asian fighting for the car. I see the Asian too busy tracking down a little black dog (they’re the juiciest) or cat, while the Blackie goes to get his chicken waffles. Everybody wins!!!

  4. it’s not racist because Nguyen is an asian last name. that’s good.

  5. @Thesaurapist 13F: Polish jokes? there is not anything funny about Poland or Polaks. I know several persons of Polish heritage and they are not funny. What is funny so about a nations who’s entire cavalry arm was defeated in WW 2 simply by turning off the carousel? and what is so funny about a nation of people who cannot even use ice because the woman with the recipe died? It’s just sad…sad sad sad.

  6. Tiger may be black,
    But I thought he had orange
    stripes, not yellow ones.

  7. There is a “I slept with Tiger Woods” group on Facebook. That didn’t take long at all! LMFAO

  8. @SeeBea

    Sad, It’s what I do… be it mentally or physically…

    LOL @ Mr Haiku!

  9. Of course one of the most depressing things about the Poles is their long list of great Naval heroes.

    @Svetlana: that’s hot

  10. @SeeBea : It’s hot that I whip people but you’re not into it??

    Do you like it rough or don’t you?? 😛

  11. @Svetlana: It’s hot that “sad” is what you do. But now I see that you may have meant that what you do is sad. So, achieved my normal state of not knowing what the hell is going on exactly, left to make it up as I go along…the story of my life. I’m still not clear on the IDK thing.
    Besides, whipping seems kind of racist.

    I’m all about lots of big soft love baby. :-*

  12. Big soft love? Awe, lemme give you a hug, and accidentally kiss and caress you where it matters. IDK = I don’t know. Oh, and I get how you could missinterperet that… It’s sad that you don’t do whipping…

    But I just do sex in general… Be it nice and soft, or hard and passionate…

  13. Yeah, see you don’t know either. It is a stumper.

    And I am sure I’d love every second.
    Remember though, Svetlana, what Spock said; “…you may find that ‘having’ is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as ‘wanting.’ It is not logical, but it is often true.”

  14. SeeBea – A Trekkie Fan! Marry me 🙂

  15. Hmmmm proposed to by an anonymous and complete stranger from a online board that makes fun of others…oh what the hell…YES!
    I smell a Tyra show coming.

  16. Hahaha Don’t you mean Oprah, she’s still here for another year… 😉

    And 10 years from now, we will open the time capsule, re-visit the website, and mock ourselves…

  17. @SeaBea & Svetlana: What about The Ellen show? Doesn’t she get a thought? Also can I be your maid of honour?

  18. @ Insane : Unfortunately a douche called Kenny Chan or wtf ever totally pulled all the pleasure I have received from my escapades with SeaBea by losing his sense of humour. I smite him.

    Unfortunately, the wedding is off. :'(

    KennyChin must die!!!!

    I am sorry to hear that Svetlana, I really *tear* am *bursts out crying*!

  20. There there, Insane, there are ways and means to deal with such people. Fear not, I smite him, and all his wrong doing, in a public forum… REVENGE IS MINE!!! Bwuahahahahahahahaha! *Insert evil grin here*

  21. I just scarred the cat with a huge LOL. Get the Chin mistro Svetlana! 🙂

  22. @ Svetlana… You cheating on me again baby.. Shall i sign the papers then and let you be free?

  23. If you feel the need to set me free, so be it, I do not “belong” to anyone.

    Yet, I am everybodies keeper.

  24. @ Svetlana.. Just remember… You said “I DO”… By the way… I am taking the dogs with me..

  25. In your wildest dreams did I say that… but you just keep telling yourself that! 🙂

  26. @ Svetlana… Shall i fax you the marriage certificate? Did u convieniently lose your copy..?

  27. @ Svetlana… I am sure they have an MS Word template.. Sure i can make 1 up… So when we doing lunch again.. Haven’t seen u in a while..

  28. Yet again, another person that does not seem to know where the Douche section on this web page is.

  29. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Nguyen is pronounced as “yoo-en” with a slight nasal accent at the start.

    And asians that immigrate to nations with very wide roads and access to large cars generally become bad drivers, mainly because a lot of asian cities are cramped and over crowded.

  30. Flapjacks, you totally just made my week, I never knew how to pronounce that. You are officially my hero.

  31. Svetlana, you rock. You’re hilarious, and with the amount of comments you post, its like you live on here. Good career choice. LOL jkjkjk but still, you are amazing.

  32. @hellzyeahdouche15 – Thanks a million… let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes…

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