Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Always Remember?


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  1. As a person who lives in NYC, and lost childhood friends when the towers collapsed, I feel an urgent need to bitchslap Cath.

  2. nately, I am highly offended. then again that could just be the ‘Offendenol’ I took just after dinner.

  3. TX chicky , imagine what the palestines (as an example) feel like living in a hell surrounded by walls in a country that belongs to them

    I m hoping you at least see why some of these people see America as an enemy because otherwise you would be the same as your students at the time.

    And please refrain from the fundamentalist crap.

    In a certain world war some people found it legitimate action to use a mass destruction device on two entire cities, maybe they found it a legitimate war action

    And people i am not condoning what they did , i m just sick of the innocent victim role played by some americans.

  4. oh shut up you silly muslim.

  5. Father Sha,

    I’m not quite sure where you are coming from with your comments, they seem way out of left field from what I posted.

    Could you please explain to me how you interpreted my post, because I feel very confused and sincerely want to understand?

  6. Now that i reread my post it does seem a bit agressive towards you , sorry bout that one.

    I m just saying that in the aftermath of 9/11 i rarely heard politicians admitting that this tragedy was inevitable if you insist on destroying peoples lives (directly and indirectly) and stigmatising a group of people.

    And i wanted to point out that you found it appaling that some students did not realise or care about the tragedy on American soil, but can you blame them if they live in a country that has never given a damn about tragedies they cause abroad.

    It is hard nowadays to voice a critical note about the attacks because people tend to think you are dismissing the suffering of the people and the families involved.

  7. Note to lamebook Admins…

    Don’t post anything that may be viewed as offensive, as it may offend.
    this is LAMEBOOK,
    if y’all can’t just laugh at a stupid post of someone being lame then you need to get off this site.
    seriously people, no one wins these arguments. No need to be calling people rasist names…

    I’m actually only saying this because no one laughed at my joke.


  8. note to Lamebook

    Don’t post anything that may be viewed as offensive, as it may offend.
    this is LAMEBOOK,
    if y’all can’t just laugh at a stupid post of someone being lame then you need to get off this site.
    seriously people, no one wins these arguments. No need to be calling people rasist names…

    I’m actually only saying this because no one laughed at my joke.


  9. you are right kaoss , i think i m in need of some kind of chillpill

    sorry folks. Lost my sense of humour for a moment there.

  10. 🙂

    night everyone, it’s 12.25 here…
    guess where I am!
    not too hard to figure out.

    Nighty night !

  11. 12.25am*

    Why didn’t I use military time like I always do.. hmm must be tired.

  12. Oh man, I really shouldn’t start rattling about this hornet’s nest of a topic, or some of the issues running here – enough to say that eight years is so NOT a long time, and when you consider the implications of 9/11 for the whole planet, Cath’s flippant ignorance makes me want to slap seven shades of sense into her.

    KAOSS, sorry to hear about your bad day – I do empathise, and hope things work out. If it helps any, right now I’m having a time so ugly that mentioning details here would look like the worst sort of attention whoring. (and oops, there I go!) In fact, I’ve even avoided mentioning any of it on my FaceBook at all, as it could quite easily end up appearing here too.

    “Offendenol” – LOL! Will it do anything for my rising bile? Gimme!

    Anyhoo, let’s get back to laughing at the morons – next!

  13. Cath also believes “Allah Akbar” is new pop group sensation out of the middle east and she been trying to buy tickets to attend a concert.

  14. I was just saying that I can see that if someone posts something on their own FB, they assume their FB friends (who are probably local to them, generally) would know what they are talking about. Cath didn’t, joking and frivolity ensued, etc.

    For example: if I posted something about a historical election, most people in my FB friends would assume I am talking about President Barack Obama, but if I were in, say Iran, my historic election reference would be taken to be regarding the protests and bloodshed caused by that election. It depends on your perspective, your region. See what I mean?

    And then the story about my students is just me acknowledging through my own personal experience that there are people like Cath in the world that do not have a clue when big events happen on the news and how sad it is. And, by the world, I am actually referring mostly to America because I am of the opinion that most of the people in my country are idiots that would rather pay attention to Paris Hilton’s shenanigans than actual real news (thereby agreeing with you, Father Sha!)

    On that note, puppies and rainbows and sugar plums (My lame attempt to lighten up!)

  15. I wanna give it to Cath very fast and very hard…I also like robots and sausages…

  16. dear cath, please die.

    sincerely, the world.

    p.s. – your name is stupid and you should feel terrible

  17. Was Michael serious with his spelling of September? Also, Cath is too dumb to live.

  18. @earbud – if it’s so boring, why are you still reading it after 160+ comments? Is it fun to go through life being a bitter, angry asshole for no reason? I’ve always wondered.

    I’m killing time before my next class, this thread gave me something to do. Carry on, folks.

  19. Although Cash is truly a moron, what really brings out the subtle lameness is Michaels “Its the whole reason the middle east was invaded. Aside from the oil”

    Right, because the Middle East was such a peaceful, happy little place for 3,000 years up until 9/11.

  20. insert clever name here

    #16 Jonas FTW!!

    @dandified #33 – There are lots of brown people in America. Like tons!

    Other than that I just have to say this has go to be one of the best threads ever. Jumping AIDS? Chimp fucking? Spice Girls? Napolean’s place of residence? Brilliant!

  21. Oh and also on Michael’s ““Its the whole reason the middle east was invaded. Aside from the oil”

    –Afghanistan is not in the Middle East

  22. At least Cath admits she knows nothing about “World news”. Michael should know his facts before opening his mouth.

  23. To be honest I never knew the site was referred to as Ground Zero until a few years after 9/11. And that’s not to say that I don’t keep up with world news to some degree.

  24. Time to add to the randomness of this post. In the ironic words of Waylan Smithers – I LIKE BOOBIES!!!!

  25. “Ground zero” technically just means the centre of an explosion, in which case you may feel free to visit the ground zero of the microwave incident that happened 9 years ago in my kitchen. It’s just another thing that has been coined to now mean just the twin towers incident. Like 9/11. And if you come from the good old UK as I do it should really be 11/9 anyway….yanks got it all backwards…I know, I know, 99.99% of you are American but come on you would say 10:30pm not 30:10pm, right? Well, maybe not if your name is Cath…

    In another pointless and stupidly long note, why don’t more people visit the site of the Battle of the Somme where the british army alone lost nearly 60,000 people in one day, or even the Normandy beaches where you good old folks at the USArmy eventually decided to lend a hand and lost far more men for a just cause than an incident used as an excuse to invade somewhere else with little more premise than Hitler had for taking a long stroll in Poland in the late 1930’s.

    I am aware I ramble. Which is why I usually browse rather than comment. Fear not I shall go back to lurking like that suspicious old guy who always seems to be at the local park but walks home alone.

  26. There are a couple of things that warrant being said on the back of all these posts (and i’m sorry if I am repeating anything anyone else has said)
    1. Regardless of however old Cath might be I’m fairly certain that most normal people have some shread of long term memory and that they remember landmark times on their lives. I’m 28 and I can remember watching the Berlin Wall fall down, Nelson Mandela being released from Prison, and I was watching the attacks on the Twin Towers as they were happening on live TV. Some of these stick in my mind because they were great and amazing and others were sickening (because it didn’t matter who was involved – they were people with families and friends) – they were landmark moments because life had changed. I might not have any personal links with any of these events, but they have changed the societies that we are all part of….Maybe Cath has been living in a cave for the last 8 years. I would have more pressing concerns if I had been living in a cave, like soft toilet paper or comfortable beds.
    2. The term ‘Ground Zone’ has become synonymus with the attack on the twin towers – I’m guessing it’s originally a military term and 9/11 (or 11/9 for us in the UK) was probably when it became used by the general public. That’s possibly why most people in the Western hemisphere automatically associate it with 9/11.
    3. World War II was a big thing, like WW1 – it’s killed off an entire generation of men. In the UK those that returned from WW2 were at it like rabbits, had many, many children (baby boom), and the people who felt liberated from the norms of society that had held them in place felt free….which led to 1960s (Beatles, Mini skirts, free love, etc.), the hippies of the 1970s, the yuppies of the 1980s, etc. NOW we live in a time when everyone is afraid of everything (and 9/11 almost exaggerated it to a greater degree) and you can’t take pictures of your children and have it as your screen saver on your computer as someone else might see it and think that you are abusing your children. I sat on barbed wire when I was about 6 years old. My mum washed the wound – that was the end of it. If my niece was to do the same then her mum would be done for neglecting her children. This is becoming a longer than planned rant….the point I am trying to make is that the world turns, things happen, stuff gets reported on the news…which Cath doesn’t watch…..

    Oh, and if anyone does decide that Ground Zero would be a great name for a theme park, Cath can probably rake in the cash when she sues them for infringement of intellectual property.

  27. Americunts are retards end of discussion.

  28. i’m going to assume, for my sanity, that they are all 15.

  29. Do you think Cath would be smart enough to think of getting a lawsuit going? If you think so then i would suggest looking at her last comment with a fine tooth comb.

  30. Yeah, Cath isn’t the brightest crayon in the box….

  31. dude_chill, I was sincerely hoping someone would point that out 🙂
    If everyone in America thinks like Michael that 9/11 was the full REASON for the invasion of the Middle East, that would mean they are basically a nation of Caths. Ignorance at this level is plain scary.

    Also, while I agree with some of your points TXChick, the vast masses of innocent civilians (far more than 6000) dead or still lliving in terror from US responses to 9/11 haven’t got the chance to write about this on the Internet! So Google is far, far from a valid measure of who has been more unfairly treated!

  32. Vince from purchasing

    Towers fall / but not on the mall /
    Michael, squall / but I’m a’ight, y’all.

    Sorry … Mr. Haiku kinda inspired me.

  33. Cath is the dim bulb that never brightens

  34. “@dandified #33 – There are lots of brown people in America. Like tons!”

    And most of you guys (I’m assuming you’re white) don’t like them too 😛
    The bottom line is that humans are petty, violent animals and we’re all absolute wankers.

  35. Cath could be like 13 for all we know.

    @fathersha: maybe if they were their friends the U.S. wouldn’t bomb them. After all, and not unlike their British Cousins, they have often fed, clothed, armed and trained their enemies before they turned on them. (Japan, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan.)

    @comrad: that’s Amerivaginas…why are you so full of hate?

  36. There is no way she’s freaking serious.

    And what is with the ‘,,,’ going on in his posts?

  37. oh she’s serious.

  38. I think Cath is new illegal immigrant, from somewhere had no TV, Radio or Newspaper, or not even communications available in that place? Like, zoo?

  39. wow.

  40. @Dandified #184: FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, I FUCKING KEEL YOU GUY!!! And I couldn’t agree more! 😛

  41. Well, not knowing about something is, for sure, very sad, especially when it’s about such a highly memorable fact.. However I guess it might happen to anyone, on some subjects.
    What I fail to understand is, not knowing what it was all about, she didn’t even try to find a clue by herself. I mean, Cath had some material to be Googled before daring to ask the question that probably caused her losing 70% of her FB friends, the 30% left still wondering WTF WAS SO TERRIBLE!!??
    Maybe it’s not (only) about being educated, but (also) about being (a minimum) smart…

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