Tuesday, December 8, 2009

<33 Attack


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  1. sensible madness… i’m so glade someone told it how it is.

  2. Makes me want to throw up in tin foil and eat it.

  3. That’s sooo loveeeyy dooveeyyyy <3333 <333..


  4. I had to punch a kitten after reading this

  5. Punching kittens is a stress relief! It’s puppies that you punch when you want to recover from over cutesyness (I made that word up so any spelling variations will work)

  6. So I’m pretty sure the lot of us have been vomiting throughout reading this, yes?

  7. “mittens – Neither one of them knows how to spell ’shining?’ Really?”

    I find it a little more disturbing that neither one of them knows how to spell “glad.”

  8. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  9. It makes me so glade that all Elizabeth says is a recap of what Mark says… talk about a one-way relationship, lol!

  10. learn to use god-damn apostrophes, douche bags (@mark and Elizabeth)

  11. yawn

  12. wow, I wish I knew how to be this lame.

  13. S…so…l…a..me..c….can t ..r…re….resist..g…go…gotta….puke….uergh

  14. It’s disturbing she calls him baby boy. I call my brother baby boy. Gross, now I feel like I’m committing incest.

  15. I defiantly think these two should just fuck and get it over with already! It would make my shinny heart very very glade..

  16. Pass the sick bucket.

  17. What’s defiant about meaning something from the heart?

  18. Mark & Elizabeth get a room! You make my bowels rumble!

  19. I think this post gave me diabetes 🙁

  20. dont get made, get glade

  21. What’s disturbing is that my dad’s name is Mark. And he uses iHeart. Fortunately he doesn’t *quite* talk like this with his female friends.

  22. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Defiantly awful.

    What is a <33333333. I get that a

  23. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    huh? What happened there? Ok…

  24. yo dawg, I heard yo like love so I put a dick on yo dick so yo can love while yo make love.

  25. Wtf… who talks like that? Pixie Sparkle Unicorns!?!?

  26. Colin Sich and Pink broccoli you made my day!! lmao

  27. this reminds me of that episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia when Charlie writes the musical…

    “tiny boy, little boy, baby boy i need you…”

  28. uh oh! the shinning is what willy on the simpsons warned us about! elizabeth has the shinning!

  29. BARFFFFFF<33333333333

  30. @Spooky
    Me too!
    I once saw a movie where a man was kidnapped and held in a coffin with a walkie-talkie, and on the other end the kidnapper held the guy’s wife hostage. So he let the couple say they love each other, then said “That’s sweet, but I have diabetes.”

  31. What kind of a pet name is “baby boy?”

  32. seems like; sappy couple

  33. posty mcposterson

    @ 46 Sensible Madness- LMAO. Nice imagery. A little Ed Geinish. I love it!

  34. why are they glade??.. WHY????… and wtf is a shinning star?.. is that like a ninja star that only sticks to shins?.. what does this all MEAN?!?!



  35. insert clever name here

    Ohhhhh. Those are hearts? I thought everything they were saying was less than 33, 333 or 3333. Cool.

  36. “I’m so glade ur my shinning star baby girl and I defiantly mean that from my heart.”

    “And I’m so glade ur my shinning star too baby boy and I defiantly mean that from my heart.”

    Case of echolalia anyone? I feel like I actually can’t comment on Elizabeth’s spelling since she just seems to copy and paste Mark’s comments back to him.

  37. miss_snarky_pants

    And thus read the minutes of the summit meeting between the Mutual Admiration Society and the League of Horrible Spellers. Translators worked feverishly to interpret the messages, but to no avail.

  38. my teeth hurt.

  39. He needs some balls. And she needs a brain. Maybe in this scenario he is lacking balls because she is using them as her brain? The only logical explanation as to why she is so fucking retarded and why he is such a pussy.

  40. Will you fucking ask her out already so she can reject you and get it over with?

  41. :\ These statuses remind me of how me and the girl I was involved with at the time would correspond.

  42. was it thanksgiving? i just threw up in my mouth. yaaay.

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