Thursday, May 14, 2009

Forever Westlame Bitch


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  1. Rich bitches like you are only good at sucking dick and putting dildo’s up your ass. Thats the problem with this snobby world today. Too many rich skanks.

  2. sunshine nolan

    haha im going to start “” and your comment will be my first screenshot

  3. I think Jessica is a closet lesbian.

  4. What a great example of why everyone in Austin hates Westlake.

  5. Woohoo! I hate you Jordan!

  6. wait. are they not dykes? i thought they legit were. my baaaaaad.

  7. she must live a very fulfilling life to care about what a lesbian named Meredith with an asshole fetish says.

  8. Damn it all. Not everyone who goes to Westlake is this stupid.

  9. My high school social group is better than your high school social group!

  10. No, what’s lamest of all is that Jessica’s golden years apparently occurred in high school. She’s got a long, long life ahead of her and when she’s a leathery-skinned 45-year-old plastic surgery victim whose finances are already maxed out, and when she looks at herself honestly in the mirror for the first time in her deluded life and realizes how much of a waste it’s been, she will go into serious meltdown, then she’ll read something about how Meredith has just been promoted to CFO of a successful corporation and that? That’s when the real magic will happen.

  11. God, I hate Westlake snobby ass bitches. She’s a prime example.

  12. Forgive my ignorance but this is obviously in regards to a Westlake in the states right? Just wondering as I went to a Westlake in NZ and this sounds like the kind of girls that went there!

  13. What a horrible, obnoxious little Bitch.

    Nickysnu; there’s enough Aussies/Kiwis on Lamebook that it could very well be in NZ.

  14. Totally agree, Jordan. The only people that don’t hate Westlake are the ones who go to it. Or went to it and can’t move on, in her case.

  15. I live in Austin, and I have a lot of friends who go to Westlake, but a lot of the girls there are pretty snobby.

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