Thursday, May 14, 2009

Priorities: Finals, Jesus, My Man!


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  1. Robyn, he’s just waiting for the chance to rape you (cue herpfest)

  2. If, when you say he’s got it all, you mean he’s got it all minus testicles; Then yes, he’s got it all.

  3. Did she see All he’s got at church…..coz I wanna go to that church and get me some eye-candy too!!

  4. “He’s got it all!”

    Yeah, all backwards.


  6. April, an old maid and a mother hen at the same time.

    A church bitch like her contributed to the suicide of this guy I knew once. He couldn’t make sense of the Jesus gibbrish, so he jumped off a bridge.

    More tragic than the cock-block genocide these cunts commit, I hate them so much…

  7. Suicide – its not about you.

  8. People like this always make it seem like some sort of creepy threesome relationship is going on.

  9. lolchristians > lolcats

  10. Mind numbingly dumb christians.

  11. @Mikey_Monroe,

    What in those 3 sentences led you to the conclusion that Christians are mind-numbingly dumb?

  12. How is this lame? Is it lame for Christians to want their friends to date Christians? Is it lame for someone to be happy that their significant other follows the same religion as they do?

    No, seriously, am I missing something here?

  13. Apparently, chineseathena, religion is lame.

  14. Yes. Yes, religion is lame.
    I think it’s the fact that April demands that Robyn’s boyfriend “loves Jesus.” That’s a pretty stupid reason to approve of a relationship.
    Also, going to church every Sunday does not make you a “good” Christian. Chances are that you dislike going to church, but you see it as a necessity, and when you get home you watch TV to make up for all the time you just spent doing something you could do anywhere else.

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