Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Heads Up Lincoln Middle School


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  1. maneater

  2. hahahaha.

  3. slut

  4. Wow, is she really bragging about that?

  5. Lincoln Middle School? My brother better beware.

  6. I thought that meant credit cards at first.

    Then Valentines day cards.

  7. um.. I’m so unhip, its a wonder my bum doesn’t fall off.

    What are “Vcards”?

  8. “Virgin cards” means she’s having sex with lots of previous virgins.

  9. lmfao what a fucking whoreee. haha

  10. lol so many of my friends went to loncoln!
    go maine! :p

  11. lincoln*

  12. LOL, that is fucking awesome, but also a little weird. She might be funny, she might be stupid. Fine line.

  13. cool kid

  14. she works in a varsity pub (huge UK pub chain). you buy vcards to get drinks offers. she says “like it’s my job” because it is her job. not funny, but not lame either.

  15. hehehe, commentsfail

  16. Holy fuck I want to see the responses to this.

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