Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Little Too Much

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  1. Tiare took a public dump of idiotic proportions by posting THAT on facebook. Also, why would you leave a towel you wiped your ass of with lying around instead of putting it into a) the washing machine or preferably b) the trash right away?

  2. velocirrobeeeeerrrr…

  3. uhm… i guess the deal breaker was alphabetical order?

    Anyway, @gobbo, I felt the same way… How stupid can one be to forget the shit on the towel. And even if that happened, didn’t she smell something when trying to dry her hair or face? As much as I love shit, Tiare is disgusting.

  4. Cassøndra – with a first name like that, what’s the point of blurring her surname?

  5. As good a time as any to say, “Fuckmustard!”

  6. Too embarrassed to use a public restroom but not embarrassed at all to share it on facebook. That makes sense.

  7. It’s gotta be a frape.

  8. I like Dave’s go-get-them attitude

  9. no

  10. That’s clearly frape.

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