Monday, June 8, 2009

Why Oscar’s a Grouch



Rule #1: Don’t post poorly spelled, personal details from your weekend on Facebook. Judging by your impeccable spelling it’s safe to assume you are still in that same vulnerable state. I can’t believe Oscar got you drunk and ate you out. I hate when guys buy girls drinks all night, get them drunk, then take them home to orally pleasure them. I mean, props for getting some, but publicly posting that stuff just to take Oscar down makes you look a little … you know … whore-ish.  In the end, however, it does sound like Oscar got the short end of the stick (no pun intended).

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  1. not small penis; big vagina.

  2. Genocide Jones

    Holy damn, that’s lame.

  3. i’m adding this to the list of things i wish i’d never read.

  4. the smaller the dick, the less surface area with which to contract herps.

  5. @herpfest

    Tru dat

  6. Im still laughing at the opportunists that are coming out to profess their size…..

  7. “lol no thanks. i found a dick that i love. honestly”

    anyone else notice this fine specimen of win?

  8. Aww, I was really hoping the last post would be from Oscar.

  9. what a thundercunt.

  10. OMG Kate just openly admitted she’s a slut but in a way too subtle for her to catch. Have fun with those future employers who’ll be wanting to view your FB profile & status updates, Kate!

  11. Translation: Oscar and I were drunk and had sex. He hasn’t phoned me since. I wonder how I can get back at him …

  12. Give Garrett his dues, he offered himself as a comparison.

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