Monday, June 8, 2009

Shitty Shift


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  1. oh
    happens to the best of us

  2. ha this is amazing

  3. Sarah will need the rest of the day to recover

  4. Bravo!

    She “only” has a four hour one today.. what about the other times?

  5. …wow…that made my head hurt

  6. normally they’re longer? That sucks.

  7. Woman needs help

  8. i did the exact same thing on my cv… “working history, waitress, shit work”. they actually hired me because it made them laugh.

  9. Maybe working at Wal-mart has hurt this girl’s brain.

  10. mactrick, you need help in developing your comedic skills; feel free to pick anyone above you on the comments list, pls.

  11. Damn. Pick up some toilet roll whilst your there.

  12. @K!m Serious help

  13. 4 HOURS?! someone needs a serious increase in dietary fiber.

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