Wednesday, July 15, 2009



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  1. actually, I don’t kiss my mom UNLESS she’s given my dad a blow job…

  2. The thing I find hilarious is this is from a phone. I mainly see people using their phone updates like twitter to quickly mention something they are up to – other than that, it just seems like they felt urgent to update their facebook status that they couldn’t wait for a computer.

    I’m not sure if she just saw her mom giving a blowjob or just got kissed by her mom (or both).

  3. Jimmy the Snake

    Your dad ever wonder if your mother gives him a kiss after she blows me?

  4. The Real Jimmy the Snake


  5. Parents stop having sex after their last kid. The romance dies after marriage. Maybe you should wonder who your best friend has blown the next time you kiss her.

  6. I find it funny that she probably thought of it first, which is disgusting, because who thinks of their parents having sex in the first place?

  7. LOL nevermind, i just think 2 much sumtimes, i wish i could suck my dads cock LOL! Oh, repressed memories…

  8. lool

  9. this reminds me of the old joke, ‘how do you know if there’s incest in your family? your dad’s cock tastes of your sister!’

  10. I have 2 moms and am very sad this cannot happen to me.

  11. ju = hee hee heee

  12. that’s something from another site, but I can’t think which.

  13. fuck, now i know not to read this website while drinking anything, i almost spit it on my pc reading this!!!
    btw, no i’ve never thought that, and ew, ew, and ew.

  14. wow because I’ve not heard that about 50 times before this chick said it, she’s so witty and original.

  15. I saw this on a t-shirt about 10 years ago.

    My husband and teenaged son and I all played the same online video game. My son would be his room and the adults in our office, and we’d be in the same party. When something when particularly bad for the boy, my husband would say to me “I f’ed your mother!” But he never said it to the kid. We still laugh about that.

  16. “I kissed my mom and I liked i-it,
    probably ’cause my father was in it!”

  17. That is one classy young lady.

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