Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Teach Teach Baby

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  1. Will it ever stop?
    Yo, I hope so.

  2. I don’t spend a lot of time on the internet. Turns out I should spend less, since every damn unfunny thing is on every damn unfunny site everywhere.

  3. ^ you should take this time to consider your words and quietly fuck off

  4. ^ you could take your own advice, only go ahead and do it loudly.

  5. Or hey, I know. Lemme explain it for you as you seem interested. I check maybe 5 sites every morning before work. Lamebook, cheezburger, couple others. Sometimes I see the same thing on all 5.
    Now. As you were. Or had you already loudly fuc+ed off

  6. “I don’t spend a lot of time on the internet.” Must be a really quick, easy pre-breakfast task checking five websites consecutively for inconsistencies…waaaaaaait a minute…dicksplash.

    Oh, and the only way to fuck is loudly.

    Naw, i’m gunna unzip ma flah, and you’re gonna swallow what ah give yuh to swalloh.

  7. BeboStunnah2kai12

    What the fuck.
    I was the new guy until this dick came along with this shit.

  8. teeko, why do you check 5 damn unfunny sites every morning before you fuc+ off to work? Is it an OCD thing? Or masochism? Or are you just a malfunctioning unit?

  9. ^this question set is rhetorical.

  10. There’s always a new new guy, Bebo. Suck it up.

    Not THAT! That’s semen! Wait, um, okay, I guess you can suck that up, too.

  11. I just don’t find this funny.

  12. …Except the comments. Keep ’em cumming

  13. Can someone hit me with an explanation for this?

    Is it song lyrics? I was thinking getting them to say “hammer time” would be funnier.

  14. @peterpiper it’s lyrics from Vanilla Ice’s acclaimed ‘Ice Ice Baby’

  15. ^ Which come from about the same timeframe as MC Hammer, so if you know Hammer Time, you should probably know Vanilla Ice, as well.

  16. MsAnneThrope. I see your hysterical unfunny comments every morning as well. I just dismiss them. And no, I have no OCD, I just work a lot, although someone such as yourself who seems to check this site every 5 minutes would possible suggest OCD. You are what you know.

  17. ^None of us claim to be anything we’re not. You’re the cunt who said you don’t go on the internet much. Idiosaaaaaaaa

  18. ^ Aw… cute that you kiss ass for your MsErable friend. That how you got the crusty lips and have you seen anyone about them? You really don’t need to claim to be anything you aren’t. I can tell you are 12 from here by your schoolyard language. Nice baiting you but gotta run. Adults have to work.

  19. It’s funny that you said you have to go and work – don’t worry I believe you – and not getting laid. You must be so fat (blame it on the glands you fucking house) or so ugly (blame it on the parents you fucking creature) or somewhere in between that’s lacking the confidence.

  20. teeko – I admire your sudden burst into the comment section, like a nail bomb in a condom factory. I only wish I could have made such an entrance. Sadly, I just ruffled Crusty’s feathers until I BJ’d the pain away.

    But… and here really is my point… why on earth would you feel the need to visit a site (or five) every morning, read the offerings and then comment that the site is unfunny or that you’ve read it on all the others? Surely logic might be able to point you toward a solution.

    – Visit ONE of the sites
    – View the unfunny posts
    – Close down the browser
    – Have an extra (approx.) thirteen minutes to have a morning wank.
    – Avoid being a complete fucking dullard with your comments.

    Sorry to seem like a cunt. No, actually, I’m not sorry at all.

  21. @ F’ingadude I am not a guy so therefore the whole wank thing in the morning does not apply. I am actually a Yeti from Sasksquatchewan, in the Layahima Mountains. As well, I have been posting here off and on for months, if not years.
    It used to be that the sites were more separate. People submitted to one or the other. Now the same pic is everywhere. Habit, for me to have been looking at these sames sites for years yes. It appears that the regulars (a term which I use to mean people who come here often, not people who are in anyway regular, except perhaps for their bathroom habits) often post how they’ve seen a picture before a hundred times elsewhere. It must be one of those ownership things where a bunch of rubber-noodled twatm-muffins like yourself are allowed to say things about your brother but you’ll bloody the nose of the other person who says it.
    You’re sorry to seem like a cunt? Why not go the whole nine yards? You are a cun+ – don’t be ashamed

  22. teeko, maybe if you flicked the bean a bit more, you’d be happier. It’s a great way to start the day – I can recommend it with confidence.

    Anyone who whinges about having seen these posts on numerous sites is a boring-ass motherfucker. Multiple submissions are outside the control or the research powers of the sites’ moderators. So, die in a fire. Or read the FAQs or something. Here you go: www.

  23. yeah. teek definitely needs to have a good, long wank.

  24. Teeko, may i suggest you get busy exploring your love button. Do it now, video the experience and upload to youporn sharing the link here.
    We, the ladies and gents of the forum will fap furiously or deride you with merciless laughter.
    I in all honesty will probably do both.

  25. One thing I have to say, though, is that at least Teeko has a decent imagination in her comments.

  26. ^sometimes you’re so dry it’s like your serious.

  27. *you’re.
    oh sweet jesus 0_o

  28. teeko – None of your points (although you didn’t really make many in all that word padding) are valid, due to you being a moron. For example; “you are a cun+ – don’t be ashamed”
    For a start, you have a plus next to a negative, cancelling it out + –
    For seconds, you spelled cunt with a symbol
    For thirds, I already said I wasn’t sorry, I am a cunt and proud. Whoops, your insult doesn’t really work now does it..?

    And let’s address the mother of all ridiculous statements:

    I am also a girl; I have morning wanks.

    Honestly, give up those five a day websites and try it out – you might loosen up a little…

  29. You never ruffled my feathers. If it seemed like you did then I apologise – purely for the images I have in my head of you. A greased up, over weight monster rigorously squirting whilst using a dwarf to plug yourself. I swear this started out as a compliment, accept it 🙂

  30. You got me in one.

  31. ^I’d do you. twice.

  32. I’ve seen this on numerous sites. It’s shit. Waah waah.

  33. teeks comments are what keep me from locating a bullet deep within my frontal lobe.

  34. ^you might want to get a doctor onto that.

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